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  1. Nope mine is fairly mellow too. In 5 years I remember her flaire up twice for about 5 minutes in total then its Sorry na dear teerakk, cuddles, kisses and more.... hmm coming to think of it I should get her to flaire up a bit more often :)

    I was married to a Farang Latin blooded woman before - Now she was a handful! She had a terrible temper always ready to pick a fight about nothing and it would go on for days. In 2 years of Marriage I left her 12 times that I can remember!

  2. Probably this is a stupid question but there is one thing I cannot understand, or maybe I am missing something. There is a lot of talk about the Reds needing to create violence in order to topple the government as this should lead to a new Coupe.

    However is this line of thinking correct considering:

    1) It was the police and the army in the first place who threw out the Red's government. Why would they want to risk another Coupe and bring back the government they wanted to kick out in the first place?

    2) Given that it is well known that this government is backed by the elites, again, how could violence possibly trigger another coupe?

    3) If the Red's instigate Violence like they did on Black Songkran, why would the government collapse for trying to control a situation? If each time violent riots world-wide made a government collapse if the government responded to control the crowd, then the world would be in a much sadder state than it is?

    I guess the answer is within the country so as a Farang I consider myself quite ignorant in their way of thinking. Perhaps someone could illuminate me?

  3. Your catagories leave some pretty broad gaps.

    Life is a mixed bag wherever you live. just pack you bag and give it a go. Better to regret things you've done, than not done (in most cases!)

    No worries, this is a Just for Fun poll. I was curious about what people in general feel. No matter what the outcome of the poll is, I am still planning the move in February. As you rightly say Loz, better regret things done than not done at all. As a rule of thumb in my life it's always been the case. I have never regretted something I did even if the outcome was bad. It's just important to find the silver lining - and there always is one :)

    @getgoin - I am no expert byt don't consider myself poorly informed either. I realise there are many expats not only in thailand, but world-wide including here in Malta who go for Good, Bad or Ugly reasons, and within those categories, hundreds more reasons. I am simply assuming that most people posting on these forums are genuin good expats wishing to live a genuinly good life. So the point is, on the whole are people happy here. From what I have seen so far yes, they are which is good :D

    Good night people - from a very stormy day in Malta :D

  4. As someone moving to Thailand in February I have been reading some very contradictory stuff with regards to expats. Many talk about Thailand being a great place to live, others call it hel_l for the expat. Considering your lifestyle, visa runs, corruption and scams, as well as all the positives Thailand brings, what category do you fall under?

  5. Hi All,

    Wondering if anyone could help a little with this as so far I asked two legal consultants and both have no idea how to answer it. Here is the situation.

    I am the co-owner of a foreign based company. I am also married to a Thai national and will be moving to Thailand mid 2011. The company is seeking to expand its operations in Asia. Since I will hopefully be living in Thailand, I will be working on the expansion project from home (Thailand) but all my salary will be paid by my company from abroad to my bank account abroad. Indeed, all the back office work and support is done from the overseas office so as such there is not going to be an "official" office or business in Thailand. My job also entails me travelling around Asia ( once every 2 or 3 months for a month) to "sell" the idea, with all sale transactions once again being passed through the companies banks overseas.

    So here is my question - since

    1) I am not officially running a business in Thailand,

    2) Am not getting paid from a Thai business or anyone in Thailand,

    3) Am not an employee of any Thai company

    4) Will not receive any money in a Thai bank account


    4) I will be doing some work from home and actually get paid for that work as described above

    5) Intend to live in Thailand long term

    Then do I need a work permit? For tax purposes, would I be under Thai jurisdiction or overseas? If none of the former apply, then what visa do you propose I apply for given my long term goals and having a Thai spouse?

    I'm willing to speak to someone professional in August this year too, so if you can reccomend someone I would appreciate it.


  6. I am not in Bangkok, nor in Thailand right now. I do, however, have family in Bangkok both supports (ex) of the reds, and of the Yellows (again ex). Neither side ever supported any of the actions taken by any of the movements. Ther were simply colored with the desire for political change. Luckily both side were mature enough to argue and listen to each other respectfully. Whilethe rest of the political factions fought, my family kept on the songran tradition of wetting each other! Both are fed up with what happened.

    It fascinates me, however, the rumours some members on this forum can come up with. Do they really beleive they are servicing anyone, r contributing in a positive way? Let us not forget, tht during the riots of the last few days, the international media was present with cameras and all. It was during those days when people on this forum claimed to be seeing (or made up some conspiracy theory) that the army was shooting people with live ammo, killing hundreds and then covering it up. Beleive me, if this was thecase, the press would have had a field day reporting it. Sure censorship might have kept it secret for a couple of days IF cameras were not present - but the facts are

    1) Cameras were present.

    2) The fottage on TV clearly showed that NO ONE was getting killed by the soldiers even when the fireing range seemed to be targeted at the protesters.

    3) With thos large numbers of protesors being fired directly by automatic guns, we woud have seen hundreds or even thousands drop down dead before our very own eyes.

    4) No reports from Red Cross, Red Cresent, Amnestiy or other human rihts organisations claiming anyof the rumours true.

    5) No pictures released from the UDD about the hundreds of bodies.

    6) No pictures from residents of the hundreds of bodies.

    Some might claim that cameras were not allowed in the Govt. House area. This might be true, but it is also true that the UDD never said any atrocities took place there. They claimed the atrocities took place in the streets - wher cameras were always present.

    My opinion? I dont think atrocities took place. It is sad two people lost their life. It is sad many others got injured. It is sad the country as a whole will suffer. I think Abhisit did a brilliantjob which will only be marred by the fact he did not (and never will) do the same for the PAD once he was elected

  7. Wife has just been reading over the (admittedly biased) manager.co.th forums. Very short summary:

    * Abhisit's popularity has skyrocketed since yesterday. People seem to be very satisfied with the approach taken today to deal with the protesters.

    * People in BKK furious with the complete lack of action by the cops against the red-shirts. Many posts along the lines of asking why they should pay their tax for this.

    * Humour of it is a bit lost on me, but the double take after a mention of 500 baht cash in one of Thaksin's video phone-in's before it all hit the fan is a subject of a few laughs. Here's a


    /edit - on second watch the video is ace! Would love somebody to confirm the translation :o

    Yup! My wife just watched it and is in fits! She says the translation is perfect! I guess I can start calling him (it) Toxin now - I have to say, as of last night, I have removed all red shirt sympathies I had. I just wish that the Thai's would realise that all the politicians are doing is taking them for a ride, and abusing their loyalty. How very, very sad

  8. At first i thought the Army were on the yellow shirts side (as they let them take over swampypoom airport)

    Now they let the red shirts into the Asean meeting and now the interior ministry (BBC reporting the army just let them in)

    I come to the conclusion that the Army are just incapable protecting government buildings/people or other property.


    This is unbelievable, it really is.

    Cambodia or Burma should seize their chance and just invade. Who's going to stop them? The Army cant, that's pretty clear!!

    Agreed! This video on You Tube sums up the Thai Peoples feelings about all this, and the in-effectivness of the Police (note thay just look on and let others do the job) and army. Wait for the first minute to elapse then the video gets exciting :o

  9. Sorry for a daft post but what is everyone celebrating? Its my understanding that:

    1) PPP will re-group and be called Puea Thai.

    2) A new prime minister from the Puea Thai to be announced by the 8th December. He/ She will be proxy to Thaksin.

    3) 6 people murdered and no one to take responsibility.

    4) PAD scott free for tacking over an international airport, government house et al.

    5) Court seems biased in enforcing some decisions and not others.

    6) Military did nothing under emergency decree.

    7) Police did nothing under emergency decree.

    8) Country lost billions in revenue

    9) Possibility of more conflicts higher now than they were yesterday.

    10) If number 2 above is correct, we will have situations 3 to 9 back merrily all over again.

    So should we be celebrating or did I miss something?

  10. I have a very bad feeling about this. Just told my wife who is stuck in Bangkok on a study program to evacute the city and head south to the Malay border where we have a house. If this all blows up (even more) I'd rather she is out of the city before Tuesday when there is a real chance of severe violence.

    My fear is that if violence between the 2 factions erupts, then all public transport will be stopped and getting out of the city will become close to impossible and dangerous. Better safe than sorry :o

    While it is always better to be safe and sorry, I really don't share your fears. I have been in Bangkok during many violent times and always it has been relegated to certain areas. We know that in times like these to stay out of those areas. I really don't see this as a neighbor against neighbor kind of thing (at least not my neighbors). There are no unruly mobs circulating the city.

    In addition, if wholesale violence erupts, my view is then the military will step in to restore order. Right now, if they came in everyone would be yelling about a coup.

    Thanks for the comforting words. Being over 5000 miles away its hard to asses what the real situation is like. All I can do is follow the news, and from that, it simply looks like a new Iraq. However, I'm really not sure I am ready to take any risks. I too am supposed to be coming to Thailand in 13 days time, and if I cant get into the city and she out by then, it will be very tough for both of us.

  11. I have a very bad feeling about this. Just told my wife who is stuck in Bangkok on a study program to evacute the city and head south to the Malay border where we have a house. If this all blows up (even more) I'd rather she is out of the city before Tuesday when there is a real chance of severe violence.

    My fear is that if violence between the 2 factions erupts, then all public transport will be stopped and getting out of the city will become close to impossible and dangerous. Better safe than sorry :o

  12. I have to say that I was pretty neutral until a few days ago. I don't pretend to understand Thai politics so I try to understand both sides. However, it beats me how PAD have been allowed to do so much damage. In any civilised society (and I considered Thailand to be civilised) action would have been taken a long time ago. At this point, I think it is irrelevant wether the PAD is right or wrong. It has been irrelevant since they took over government house.

    You cannot simply storm into public administrative buildings, and now airports and hold a country to ransom. And you certainly should not expect the militry to interve by causing a Coupe. The damage caused to the country now is immense and it will be hard to quatify it. Even if it is true that Thaksin and his cronies abused power for self gain, I am sure that what they have allegedly pocketed is peanuts in comparison to the countries losses over the past few months and more so the last few days.

    Furthermore, while I agree with their frustration that the ignorant might elect a party simply because or their colour and not policies, all they have to do is look around the world. The world (not just Thailand) is full of ignorant people who vote for colour or because their parents voted for that party before that. Are we to change the meaning of democracy worldwide?

    As for corruption, it is everywhere. Once people get into power, they have a tendency to abuse it, and will at some stage or another do something for personal gain. It could be getting special contracts for themselves, it could be driving their daughter to school with the chaufer and car paid for by the state. Its nothing new. So what guarantee will PAD be able to give that corruption will not happen if PPP et al are disbanded .

    Finally, I find it utterly incomprehensable, why all this fuss, when it is clear the courts are going to ultimatly disband PPP and ban some of its members in just over a month.

    I am sorry to say, that to me, these protests have a far more sinister agenda behind them than simply a grudge against Thaksin. With that said, I hope I am wrong.

  13. The murder took place by a Yellow Shirt Man not by a red. http://edition.cnn.com/2008/WORLD/asiapcf/...port/index.html

    What are you talking about?

    CHIANG MAI, Nov 26 (TNA) - A group of government supporters attacked and killed the father of a member of the anti government People's Alliance for Democracy (PAD) in the northern province of Chiang Mai late Wednesday.


    I was just quoting CNN :o To me its irrelevant who killed who. See my above post

  14. cheaper flights and good deals to be had soon then

    Would be good but they will probably just drop flights off the list and charge the same ! It' hard enough to get a good (priced) fare out of Phuket now especially after the shut down of Nok Air. Only leaves Thai, Bangkok and Air Asia. Company is flying me out through Hong Kong now and I have a 6 hr wait to get out to Heathrow. Via Bangkok it was almost straight through. :o

    Actually they already did both the above - Around 2 weeks ago too!. I have a provisional booking to fly Malta - Bangkok on december 22nd with emirates. At time of booking it was 1480 Euro.

    Last week Emirates was selling the same flight on the same date for 1260 Euro.

    Today its 1340 Euro but what is interesting is that a section is now operated by Thai Airways (i.e. the airlines are so empty they have to combine flights)

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