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  1. Out of interest what does an "Internet Marketeer' do?

    WE basically he/she markets businesses online. Look at Google, Yahoo and MSN, they all have text link adverts on thir search engines. I manage clients accounts, to get them the best ROI. I also sell other people's products online in return for commissions, buy and sell banner advertising, issue press releases, etc. All in all, internet marketing is the largest and fastest growing advertising medium in the world :o You do not need any degrees (I dont have any) but you sure do need passion and spend lots of time doing research!

    internet marketer or internet musketeer?

    ebaying and spamming and hyip's may be lowbrow but they must make money for someone.

    Marketeer thank you! Don't do ebaying, spamming or hyip's. All legitamit stuff.

    Thailand is full of young western guys treading water, getting by on low a low income while ignoring the fact that at some time in the future (and it comes around quick) they'll be facing retirement and no pension or savings to meet Thailand's 'Minimum Pensioner Visa Income' requirements.

    Thanks for that, great advice. I am very aware of old age creeping up on people and would never make a move unless I am sure I have my and my family's future secure. But at least with what I do I can do it from anywhere provided there is an internet connection :D

  2. you want investment advice you have t give out more personal iformation guy.

    O.K> Just to clarify before I get flammed. Not looking for adive, was just curious thats all. For example, wife thinks a condominium would be good, but I feel that this sector is pretty much over developed in Bangkok. She also thought of Rubber Trees, but it takes a heck of a long time to get any ROI on that kind of investment.

    As to what I do, well, I am an Internet Marketeer, so I can take my work with me wherever I go.

  3. Trigger,

    You are a national of an EEA country exercising a treaty right in the UK. These rights are automatically extended to your spouse, even if she is a citizen of a non-EEA country. You might, therefore, wish to consider getting married in Thailand and then applying for a family permit for your wife.

    Thanks scouser,

    However, we want to first apply for a fiancee visa then get married in the UK if we must or in Malta if we can, and only later in Thailand for her family to see. I was told that since I am a UK resident and an EU national I must still apply for this Fiancee visa with the UK embassy, not involving the Maltese anywhere.

  4. Hi All,

    I'm a new poster here although I have been following this forum for quite a few months. I've read quite a few sections which relate to this post, but I am after some updated information (2007).

    Basically, about a year and a half ago I met my now Fiancee in Thailand. I travelled here 3 times and she travelled to Malta (an EU country and my place of nationality) to meet me there. In September we filed for a visitor visa to the UK where I have been a resident for 2 years and work as a marketing manager. Despite giving tons of paper work and evidence to show that I can support her etc, her visa was rejected because of insufficient evidence she will return to thailand. My girlfriend owns some property here and is in full time employment as a Marketing Officer.

    Anyway, things moved on since, and last week I popped the question and she gladly accepted. Therefore, we now want to apply for a fiancee visa. Given that, she has an excellent educational background, a reputable job with a reputable company, owns property (but doesnt have much cash in a bank account), and that I have an above average income, plus my own business as well as live alone in a two bedroom rented house what else should we look out for or be prepared for. Dont fancy another rejection on some pathetic grounds :o

    Thanks all for your help, and keep up this great forum. From now on I will become an active member :D

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