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  1. CM Photographic Group 11th Annual Exhibition This year we are on the 2nd floor at Central Airport Plaza, right in front of the glass lifts and the exhibition has over one hundred images by twenty-five CMPG members from nine countries but resident in Chiang Mai. Past shows have attracted a lot of critical acclaim and are of a high standard - a long way from the usual temples/sunsets and monk-on-a-motorbike mix! Please join us for the Grand Opening on Saturday January 26th at 4:00 and meet the photographers. The CMPG is a non-profit group that meets regularly at River Market and is open to anyone with a serious interest in photography. Details of meetings can be found at cmphotogroup.com.
  2. After years of lumping camera and photographic items in with PCs, TVs and Hi-Fi equipment, the classified ads department has finally started a section for Cameras/Photography Equipment. At time of writing, there are 23 ads posted but since it's only been going for a week or so, it's an OK start. I wonder why the pictures in the listings are so mangled, though.
  3. Greenside

    Plastic Screw Plugs: Where to buy

    The holes may be into a cavity so filler is likely to crack and drop into it. Thanks for the thought, though.
  4. Greenside

    Plastic Screw Plugs: Where to buy

    Thanks. I'd overlooked the car trim fixings and they'd probably be heavier duty that the furniture type.
  5. Have been trying to find plugs to cover up 8mm holes in a tiled floor area but Global House, HomePro and Nana Screw all deny any knowledge as well as the usual "my mee". Before I put any more effort into the lesser hardware shops, has anyone seen these or similar around. Usually I'd expect to see them in the flat pack furniture section.