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  1. If that's accurate it's very good to know. Do you have a source for the info?
  2. You're probably right and we don't know the type of vaccine either, but my thoughts are that if this is a queuing system, it's better to get in line now rather that risk being told that supplies of Pfizer or OAZ have arrived but you're number 900,001 on the list.
  3. I couldn't find the app in Playstore and going via the LINE official account was a nightmare on my phone with screens so complicated that even my wife couldn't cope with navigating it. LINE on a PC using this link: Mor Prom Line Sign in was much better and Chrome was able to translate the terms and form. Not yet completed it so don't have a date. Apart from the poorly designed app. the biggest issue is that no-one seems sure of the vaccine that will be used on us over 65s in the initial June/July period. If it's Sinovac or the other Chinese one, I'd prefer to wait until one of
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