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  1. Pay no attention to this advice. A zoom lens is optically magnifying your image so what gets recorded on the sensor is more detail, but cropping is the same as a "digital zoom" and, while making the bit you're interested in appear larger, its only taking a closer look and the details will be no better. Try looking at the buying guides at dpreview.com - it's the most useful resource for choosing a camera there is: By the way, bokeh is entirely down to the lens and kit lenses are not usually so great in that department. If you are in Chiang Mai, visit Photobug who will give you good advice.
  2. To all the contributors to this thread who cited the reasons why they and others don't challenge the driver and speak up in situations like this, I say consider the initiative (not to say courage, if you really think the guy might have turned violent) of the person who took the video and support their action by sending a link to everyone you know, particularly at home, wherever that may be. Shaming this kind of behaviour is the only way to make a difference in this country.
  3. Speed wasn't the issue here and in many other cases. What someone needs to invent and install in these vehicles is a DSM (Driver Stupidity Monitor).
  4. By my reckoning he actually only looks at the road for around 50-55 seconds during this video. I dare say it will gain some traction on Facebook but it really could use some serious international publicity - enough to wake TAT up and get them to pressure the people who can at least make the penalties severe enough to give lunatics like this pause for thought.
  5. That's about as thoughtless a comment as you could imagine. The vehicle coming around the corner in the middle of the road driven by an idiot texting hits whatever is in the way: an animal, a lady cyclist, a family car filled with kids or a busload of tourists. You may be in one of them. I've taught my Thai stepson to speak up or get out if he sees the driver is a danger and to his credit he's had the courage to do it a couple of times.
  6. Hope you're not serious. It's a classic 419 scam that I just found out has been used on ThaiVisa several times over the past couple of years - here's the oldest thread I found. The mystery is why the Classified ad department don't scan the ads for extracts from the response letter and take them down. Did anyone actually get caught by this and part with any money, I wonder?
  7. Here's the response I got from replying to the ad. It's from someone called Yvres Marcelo who apparently lives in Phuket rather than the advertiser, Mauro who lists Pattaya as the location. Hello, I just read your mail regarding the sale of my car HONDA CR-V 2011 EL. I confirm that it is still available to 136.000THB last price. the vehicle has no mechanical or electronic problem and all its papers are in order. It is not rugged and or stolen, the vehicle is well maintained, its interior is also clean, and it presents the features and photos below: (Characteristic of the car) HONDA CR-V EL 2011 Colors: Black mileage: 45500 Engine size: 2400 CC Seats. 5. Doors. 5. Transmission auto ABS + brake, AIRBAG, leather, new tires, 17-inch alloy + reverse sensor, radio CD + USB, electric folding door mirrors, Cruise Control Multifunction steering wheel 1st class insurance is being paid until the 24th December 2019 Car Tax is being paid . Remote controlled lock/ alarm system (2 remotes for the 2 set of keys) The Interior is as clean as the exterior. All filters have been changed during the last drain. There are no bumps or scratches on the body. The wheel is no defects. The seats and the interior plastics are in perfect condition. The tires are recent. The discs and brake pads are new. It is a very urgent sale because I come to take service into a diplomatic mission of the United Nations at Lome in TOGO, the car is still my home at Phuket. Before moving, I have entrusted my car to a colleague in Phuket that the proxy from the sale and you will meet him to finalize the sale. I don't sell it for money because it's worth more than that. My colleague will come to you in order to deliver the vehicle with all its papers in orders: Blue book Horse power Insurance Certificate of fitness And a copy of my identity card. Regarding the deed of sale I had already pre-established and signed the seller part so you will fulfill only the buyer part with my colleague. If you still interested, leave me your contact information as follows. I will convey my colleague who will contact you to finalize the sale NAME ............................. FIRSTNAME ....................... PHONE NUMBERS... DELIVERY ADDRESS OR APPOINTMENT..OR .public location near you........... Waiting for your coordinate if you are a serious buyer. Imaginative suggestions as to exactly how this is going to turn into a 419?
  8. Honda CRV - TV Classifieds. A bargain or what?
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