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  1. I like the ones with the LED's . Finally something useful. Even on a Click?
  2. Ride hailing? Mostly all motorcycle taxi drivers operated from their fixed sites so how will an App help?
  3. Break it down and carry it in a low end bicycle bag. No one will bother to check.
  4. I had my knee MRI'd cost me 7,000. Took the image back to the expat sports medicine guy and he said yep as I suspected not super serious it will go away on its own. Still have the image.
  5. ^ The old "You are only as old as the woman you feel" strategy
  6. It is not an alcohol ban. You simply can't buy it. Nobody said you can't drink it.
  7. A common or garden drill press is cheaper than many top of the line cordless drills.
  8. Does the gate bang against the stop when closing or does it stop with , say, 3mm gap.
  9. ^ No need to escalate anything in Thailand. if necessary anyone can simply hire someone to do the escalation on their behalf.
  10. Hotels always sell beer. Sure it is more expensive but it depends how badly you need one or how bored you are. As has been said this is a non-thread as it happens every year and there are ways around the ban on purchasing. As have been stated in preceding posts. If you have and are well known at your "local" and they have an electronic register just but your beers on Monday and consume on Tuesday. I have done this before for a group of 20 or so...
  11. OK It says you have to take them back to the place you purchased them. There will be a cost to you. How badly you need them fixed vs buying new is up to you.
  12. Do you have the receipt? Stick them in an envelope and send them back to Oakley Headquarters.
  13. yes but I made all the right boring life choices and have planned my finances so I can live forever.....
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