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  1. There are a myriad of urban myths about beer. Covid effects one's sense of smell and taste. Test yourself by drinking Leo. I tested my self 12 times last night and my sense of smell and taste were OK. But today I'm not so sure I have a headache and feel unwell. So I'll have to repeat the tests again tonight. Try FederBrau/Tiger?
  2. For the fitness room user? They put money in and by the time the room has cooled down they have finished! The next guy doesn't need to insert money? Above is correct use the mechanism from a laundry machine. But not something you will be able to buy on-line?
  3. What type of car? Even at 30 years old it might be worth saving? 30 year old Taxi? NO.
  4. Even available in the late '60's, https://www.advancedautomotives.co.uk/lucas-rally-electronic-ignition-kit-pre-xflow-xflow-lotus-twin-cam--bda-4674-p.asp
  5. Only if you have a UK motorbike endorsement. But if you live in a very small province? Maybe? Test is easy if you can ride a m/bike. I've done it as my foreign licence had expired.
  6. Or "I've shaved my pubes , and you know what that means?" "The drain in the bathroom is plugged again?"
  7. Not sure but there is a forum devoted specifically to motorbike touring mainly in the North.
  8. I seem to remember from the past losing something that was noticed at the 90 report. Had to go to police station to report the lost and pay an additional fine. Can't remember what it was I lost.
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