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  1. Sadly the acceleration figures emphasized for electric cars are because the low speed torque is better than ICE (internal combustion engine) but it is also to distract us from the real issue. They have not yet been able to solve the pitiful range of electric cars compared to ICE. Acceleration numbers are for journalists and bar chats.
  2. One would suspect an area rule? As Grab knows where you are? Go nearer to downtown and try?
  3. The purpose of that bit of the test is to make sure Mrs. Somchai does not scratch the HiSo Mercedes's when she parks.
  4. OT a bit as this is about cars but one should adjust the left hand mirror so it points down and one can see perfectly the yellow line and the curb. Easy to get the distance correct.
  5. Why one would always rent the bike on which to take the test. Same for a car.
  6. Since when does that have anything to do with business. If you don't want to pay 10,000 baht from U-Tapao. Don't fly to Samui. Or You can drive, go on a bus, go on the train.
  7. If you owned an airline and built your own airport what would you do?
  8. That's why my post said "mostly". More names that way than not? Of course The Royal Thai Naval academy isn't or Kasetsart Univesity or maybe even Siam Interchange.
  9. I don't remember any camelback beam but mine was in Bangkok. I failed the first time as she said I didn't signal for a right-hand turn which I did but cancelled it as soon as I turned but she wasn't looking So you must exaggerate everything.
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