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  1. If MIL is mobile and can ride a bike a simple electric bike would be a better bet? No stigma. No training. et al.
  2. Probably a duplicate but... Sunshine and Palm trees
  3. Mammals can breathe through anus in emergencies, study shows. https://www.malaymail.com/news/life/2021/05/16/mammals-can-breathe-through-anus-in-emergencies-study-shows/1974465 Must be true because I know some guys who can talk out of it.
  4. Look at the house. If it is big enough for your needs and the price is right. Buy it?
  5. Did this three or four times now no more captcha stuff. Just type Lazada into browser and...
  6. Anyone watching you drive by does not know the lady in the car with you is your wife?
  7. I like Asia because it is different. If one only came here because it is/was deemed to be cheaper then moan away at the differences
  8. Isn't there something about importation of used car parts?
  9. Drive on one side of the road! Communism? Wear crash helmet on motorcycle! Communism? Accept 220V ! Communism? Et. al.
  10. Sounds to me as if they are feral cats peeing and pooping everywhere and not the pets of residents. A perfectly reasonable request from the facility manager or owner. Obviously a worldwide problem if one can buy a ready made sign.
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