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  1. General advice would be: they should do what they are good at, not necessarily what they enjoy. You can always do the enjoy bit as a hobby. If one is good at something the work simply gets done with no drama. yes to the going overseas at some point. Not only broadens the mind but means near expat salary to go with it and rise to management when returning. Shipping? The "golden" age is passed but there will always be ships. Bit of a one way career path as there is almost no shore based equivalent but an OK life if working for a good shipping line. There is a Marine training school in Samut Prakan. All smart in uniforms etc.. Q. How many respondents on here actually planned their "career" ?
  2. Common Interests is the key: Hash House Harriers Riding Motorcycles (although haven't seen them for a dog's age) Et al. Or sometimes just saying hello. I.e making an effort. Mostly Hash though. Added plus is that you have instant friends no matter what city you are in.
  3. Never mind Covid. How many of the posters of the above 191 posts have been vaccinated against Pneumonia? Vaccines already available.
  4. Small blue packets found in most mom and pop hardware stores and even Big C Mini, next to the drain cleaner. (Green packets are grease buster for normal drains). Also pouring 1.5l of Coca Cola/EST/Pepsi occasionally into the toilet works to some effect but blue packets better. Very unlikely to be H2S (hydrogen sulfide) and anyway you can smell it. H2S deadly when you can't smell it. very, very unlikely.
  5. Just the way the sun is shining on the steel work.
  6. I have to make do with one of these?
  7. I still have my Cagiva World Tour T shirt
  8. Just remember they are surveillance cameras, not security cameras. Cameras do not provide any real level of security. Simple allow you to watch the crime in progress.
  9. The reason for the compatibility advice is because the female PVC will expand. The key here is your pressure which is negligible for a fish tank or rather the key is remembering that fact. You are not putting wheels on a bus so you don't need to over tighten the connection. Some liquid sealant on the joint will be better than thread tape. Thread tape just increases the diameter of the male part which aggravates the problem. Do the joint up tight by hand and then add, say, 1/4 turn. Again it is not a bus. If the female part protrudes enough you could add a pipe clamp to the outside for belt and braces.
  10. Sounds like the US but they only have two factions or 3 if you count the NRA.
  11. Are you in your 70's? How do you know he has slowed down? The problem arises only if said 70 year old has never ridden a sport bike before. But I do know some 40-50 year old ex racers who won't ride a sport bike on the road. Too dangerous. (one was 40 when he told me but now probably closer to 50?) As with any skill it is "time in the seat" or experience which makes the difference which is why most collisions are cause by 18-24 year old with very little "time in the seat". Fortunately the ergonomics of sport bikes are such that older riders will steer away from them.
  12. OK except for the faggy fat tyres. How does papa identify?
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