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  1. I used to ..ahem..frequent one in Rayong. Oh OK i was only outside buying the girls beers from next door. However some of the girls were veery pretty and had a different outfit for different days. Black evening gowns, red evening gowns, tartan schoolgirl outfits etc,... When japanese customs showed up they all disapeared inside and I finished my beer and went home. Honest guv...
  2. Hence why they drive around and around and around in their cars as it is better than............. Indonesia is the same.
  3. Here is a picture https://goo.gl/maps/1L6zcKZpEkY4oGZ57
  4. Down by the port in Bangkok where they make furniture out of discarded pallets. The should have the same near Leam Chabang Terminal.?
  5. I used to (Rama 4). But now gone. I think any shop will have the same problem. I think you will need to find the elastic first.
  6. I was told it is the red line . Links Samut Sakorn (Kheha et al to the line that runs parallel to Vipvadi Rangsit/Lat Phroa
  7. Take them to a decent mom and pop hardware store and show them. They may not have the "exact" size but will have something close. If they only have slightly larger one, buy a sheet of sand paper or try another store. They probably have bearing for the motor as well.
  8. Or a pipe and a blower. But they probably didn't know. Even a compressor and a couple of modified scuba masks would have helped?
  9. What pressure does the pump deliver? 3 bar? 4 bar? So if it is holding 7. Blue pipe is rated at 13.5 I believe. Pump up again to the original pressure and wait again to see if it drops again. As for the gauge some times repeatability is more important than accuracy. That the installer has one at all is a good sign.
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