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  1. How can there be a National speed limit on one regional road? Isn't it a Motorway? There are a few klong bridges over which the limit is reduced to 90 to prevent unwanted take offs.
  2. Hire some off duty military policemen to teach him the error of his ways?
  3. I've got a picture of one from Indo somewhere. I'll have to get it off the phone and faff around and...
  4. I was told I was one day short. I said but it is only 2 months but they said as I had moved province it was 3 months. But they were Ok with it anyway. So check.
  5. Dirt Shop. Not a huge choice but you might get lucky. I did.
  6. Where are you Jafo. Can you jump in a taxi? Dirt Shop has a few jackets. Mine is Spidi (spelling) I think 6500 baht.
  7. I had a mate with a Spanish wife who worked for Bombardier? signalling. Not sure where he ended up. Reg I think.
  8. How many BTS tickets is that? Should have stuck to driving. 555 Did you get the pink ones?
  9. So a false image in a jar of <deleted>. How is that defiling or worrying. Difference between Christ and a picture of Christ? To hang up a picture you only need one nail.
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