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  1. morrobay

    North Pattaya beach now clean

    Shoupy said the water quality in North Pattaya was good. The following question was on water quality in Na-Jomtien. The water in that area and South Jomtien has been a green at best and very more so a yellow brown ,as it was yesterday and today. Why don't you just take a ride down there and see for yourself Shoupy?
  2. morrobay

    North Pattaya beach now clean

    Well they would not be Asian girls, and the blond i saw there a few months ago could make a freight train take a dirt road. Yes the beach is Ok (for what passes as good around here) the back beach around the platform is trashy as always. At least they seemed to have flushed out the lowlifes that semi camp around there. There are still too many of these speedboat people around there. Jomtien and Naklua are better for light workouts.
  3. morrobay

    TAT shows foreign visitors by the numbers

    And for any restaurants that cater to these bus lodes you can expect less quantity and quality. They don't care about repeat customers any more when they have 1000's of Chinese. Unfortunately I experienced this in what was a great seafood restaurant in Jomtien.
  4. Ok I just checked for sure for my credibility
  5. North Naklua beyond the fish market/bayside park. The songkows last stop at the fish market. Then continue North past police room there is a fishing/hardware store,at least one on right side. This is where the seasonal "walk eat" is.
  6. morrobay

    Time To Call It Quits.

    The question was about general location.