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  1. But the area from S. Naklua along coast to Bali Hi , from beach up to soi Bukow and Jomtien. Is about 80% supported by foreign tourism revenue. So what now is going to fill that void ? Bangkok by the Sea for Thais, and or chinese swooping in buying up on the cheap.The casino at Bali Hi. In any event they had better get on with it. Because the last business model was in trouble before covid: there was a link that did not transfer that showed total foreign tourism revenue for Thailand on 2019 as half of 2018 revenue.
  2. Could be. But what about the CCTV of the intersection where this jerk says he entered "as the light flashed green"
  3. I don't know if these girls are university but same ages. And you don't have to travel upcountry. offdek.com
  4. I agree . But in general the males drive faster and more recklessly . And even Stevie Wonder could see that.
  5. What was your case 2 years ago that the bubble would burst ? And regarding the 'increasenly bad reputation Thailand has' : Another poster has just stated that Thailand is a very popular destination with Europeans . So how do you respond to that challenge ?
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