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  1. I refuse to complete surveys now as they often come back to bite me. The last survey I completed asked if I had health insurance. Since then I have had to put up with advertising for health insurance and the govt suddenly talking about compulsory health insurance for long stayers. Coincidence? maybe. But I dont think a coincidence with the advertising.
  2. And the Montagnard in Cambodia. The US of Lies has a long history of backstabbing its "allies" just as the Kurd have a long history of being betrayed by its allies when its usefulness has ended.
  3. This correlates with TAT's claim that tourists numbers are up
  4. It cant that big a deal seeing there are only 2 cops in the pic instead of the usual 2 dozen and no pointing at all??
  5. Just watched 2019 documentary called "American Factory". Very interesting regards the state of the economy in the US. A Chinese billionaire buys a shut down GM plant in Ohio and sets up a business manufacturing motor vehicle glass (windscreens, windows etc) supplying 80% of the US market. The closure of the GM plant left thousands out of work and now a few thousand of them work for this Chinese boss earning less than 50% of the salary they were getting years ago when the GM plant closed down and NO unions and no overtime penalty rates. Very miserable and desperate situation. And on top of that the US is paying the Chinese to be there!? Is this what is called "Making America Great Again"?
  6. My wife showed me this on Thai TV today. There were already 4 vehicles stopped for the train when he decided to make the Thai "3rd lane" and overtook them all on the wrong side of the road straight into the trains path.
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