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  1. and in my area the hospitals dont know what it is and my banks, the traffic and imm office want nothing to do with it. Check with your amphur first what hoops you have to jump through and also whether its of any value in your area. Wasnt worth the hassle in my area especially seeing no-one here knows what it is.
  2. Yes I am over 180 and when I first came here on multiple stays in the mid 80's it was the same. Getting around you had to be constantly watching out for low structures, umbrellas, signs etc to protect your head while at the same time avoiding broken pavement, rubble, open drains etc at your feet. When I moved here permanently in 2004 it didnt seem quite so bad. I still get the second looks but believe this is due to me being a westerner not my height as I dont seem to stand out like that anymore. Asians are certainly getting taller, maybe we all are. Seems back in my mid 20's w
  3. Plan? Somebody correct me if I am misinformed but I believe there is no equivalent of 'plan' in the Thai language and that they use the English word. From what I have seen here is the Thai version of 'plan' is also very different in that it involves making a decision, make it law, then considering the pros and cons of that decision before reversing it and making another decision etc etc etc on and on. In the end no-one seems to know whats going on.
  4. 1960's to 2020 is about 60 years..........yeah thats about right! Amazing Thailand!
  5. I have the same from when I travelled southern Africa in the 70's......looks identical.
  6. No one in my area even recognises the yellow book, not the traffic office, immigration, hospitals etc. I have to get the res cert from immigration. I havnt been to a national park for years and when I did I could show my teachers ID to get in at Thai price. As I stated clearly and underlined in my post "in my area" no-one recognises the yellow book so pointless having one. It is only handy if the person/dept you are showing it to recognises it.
  7. While I certainly agree with what you are saying, there are times when other parties are responsible for the burning. We grow sugar cane and on a few occasions someone else has come along at night and set fire to our land. On a couple of occasions the fires had to be investigated because the fires had spread into nearby rubber plantations and the farmers there were looking for reparations. There was nobody else burning nearby from where the fire may have spread and the harvester was nowhere near the land when the fire started. The only conclusion was it was firebug kids wandering around at
  8. 'misunderstanding'..............'brake failure'...........same same but different!
  9. The degree that they react actually adds support to their critics. If they didnt react so strongly half the population would have no knowledge of the incident.
  10. And I am sure we will hear how he became a doctor because all his life he has wanted to help people!!
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