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  1. My passports not that big? and the law in this country (depending on what official you talk to) is that you must carry your passport at all times. As I have to travel out of town for the nearest banks I have my passport with me in any case so no probs at all there. As stated numerous times already my traffic office etc wont accept the YB even if I had one. I still have to go to imm office so no getting around that. "Trying to create some all-singing, all-dancing rule for the yellow book/ID card then using that to argue against them is just the usual straw man argument. For the 10th time: nobody says they are necessary and nobody cares in the slightest whether you have them. This topic isn't about you or the merits." I must say I am baffled by the last comments?? Have you read my posts/replies at all? The OP was talking about getting the yellow book and I was merely trying to point out that "I found" (ie in my experience) getting the YB was a waste of time and gave my reasons hoping he may check out the ins and outs considering his amphur, Imm office, traffic office etc requirements. Sure this topic is not about me but are you saying one cant use his own experience as evidence in helping another?
  2. If you've never 'tried' the pink ID card you've never tried opening a bank account or renewed a Thai DL using just a YB and ID card together have you!!! No I just used my passport...no probs and no delays. Although I think one bank wanted a copy of my work permit so I went next door to a bank that didnt. Opened a joint a/c with my wife about 10 months ago with my pp and wifes ID card. Out in about 15 minutes. Cant see how that could be made more easy coz most of it was preparing the book cards etc. You say Immigration won't accept your YB yet go on to say "I don't remember having to prove my address when extending marriage visa (extension of stay)". Have you actually presented your YB to Immigration as part of an application?? Immigration in Si Racha certainly accepted my YB when I presented it as part of my Marriage Extension just two months ago. No as stated a few times already I didnt bother getting the YB as too much rigmarole considering my location and their requirements. And as I also stated previous I think they used my wifes Tabian Ban for proof of residence but I have since heard they just use your 90 day report for that purpose. Immigration now appear to be supplying a standard list of 'required documents' for both retirement and marriage extensions, although that list is still open to interpretation by individual IO's. But I haven't heard of YB's being refused as proof of address. What Immigration Office do you use?? I am in Kalasin but we didnt have an office until recently so had to go to Sakhon Nakhon until about 6 months ago. I enquired at both offices whether a yellow book would be of any help and was told no.....I never ever said it was refused just that they said it was no help if I had one. As above proof of residence is taken from 90 day report. You appear to be slagging off a process you haven't been using (properly). No I am not slagging off anything. just trying to show you that in my situation getting the yellow book (and ID card) is very inconvenient and unnecessary at present. By the way is their another choice of colour for the ID card. Not real sure about flashing a pink card around lol
  3. Sounds like you need to keep two sets of paperwork if you have existing bank a/cs, drivers lic, car rego etc or have to go through all that rigmarole to get them changed etc. Very confusing and inconvenient when your in a remote area and especially considering my exisiting paperwork has easily covered everything Ive needed over the last 17 years. Oh and in my area the YB does not replace the residency certificate, I still have to go to Imm first and just present my passport only (oh and the cash of course). However the talk of the same data field as a Thai person is interesting as I imagine the situation could possibly change in the future where they want us all on a data base?
  4. Ok I see what you mean about the ID card as they are linked, I stand corrected. But I also stand by what I said about the YB not being more convenient for me in my experience. See my post 91.
  5. Thats wonderful for you but the situation is different for different people and places. IN MY EXPERIENCE it is not more convenient considering most places IN MY EXPERIENCE in my area dont want it. Imm office, no, traffic office no, banks no, post office no etc. Most people are not in the same situation as you. See my post 91 for further explanation. Also, think of it another way. If its so easy and convenient, quicker etc wouldnt it also be so for the office staff you are attending? Why then in 17 years have I NEVER been asked for one? Its always passport, wifes tabian ban, Thai drivers lic etc. And even when I asked if the yellow book would help (if I had one) its always been no?? Thats my experience.
  6. As per my post #47 I clearly stated re yellow book: "I never bothered and have been here 17 years without one. Easier and more convenient? Not in my experience considering the effort compared to the benefits in getting one in my amphur as I also explained. You must understand I live in a remote area of Isaan and to get translations/certification etc for me would mean travelling for hours to a city, maybe even Bangkok as I'm not sure there is a Foreign Affairs up here. Now why would I want to waste my time doing that when both my immigration offices up here, traffic offices, and banks etc tell me they have no use for it )as confirmed by our resident considered expert on all things paper in Thailand post #73. And as I said previously I have got by without one for 17 years with no hassles at all. In fact I have never even been asked for one. I think the point that keeps getting missed is it depends on your amphur, imm office, traffic office etc. Everybody is in a different situation. Transam mentioned he got his in 20 minutes after chatting with his head man. Great! If that was my situation sure I would get the yellow book and pink ID card happily for the expense of only 20 minutes, so little to lose. But hours of travelling, hotel etc for something I can easily go without.......no.
  7. Never tried the pink ID card so cant comment. However re immigration and address purposes my imm office wont accept yellow book. In fact I dont remember having to prove my address when extending marriage visa (extension of stay). maybe they just use my wifes blue book.
  8. Thank you, that has also been my experience.
  9. Again it depends on your amphur, traffic and imm office. Local head man here cannot provide a yellow book and both Imm offices and traffic offices I have attended last few years will not accept yellow book. However, in your case, you are correct. if it only took 20 minutes, rather than hours and possibly days for me, then it is MOST DEFINITELY not a waste of time.
  10. The topic is yellow book not pink card but even using the pink ID seems a problem compared to just showing your passport which is all that is required. Why start writing your name in Thai when you dont need to? Use your passport. Just put it in a frame on the wall with your yellow book and get over it. We have all made mistakes in our life you know.
  11. Have done all of those without yellow book with few problems. The problems have been mainly due to incompetent staff not paperwork or yellow book. So it has been far more convenient to not have the yellow book considering the run around one has to go through to get one (depending on your amphur) The pink ID card is a separate issue, this topic is yellow book. So for me it is MOST DEFINITELY a waste of time.
  12. No not MOST DEFINITELY according to my imm office. Gave me the impression it was MOST DEFINITELY useless. But of course that is the problem in Thailand that each office has different rules/requirements. And that is why I said "I found" rather than making a blanket statement about the whole of Thailand. I will try to put it simpler for you: In my experience, during 17 years here, with various visas, work permits, drivers licenses, banking etc, it is MOST DEFINITELY not quicker, easier nor more convenient to use a yellow book. It is MOST DEFINITELY a waste of time IN MY EXPERIENCE!!
  13. Not real clear but think they are referring to domestic
  14. Oh thanks. I knew someone on here would find a way to show that Mr Trump is not wrong (again). Just another misunderstanding eh
  15. I have found the same, a total waste of time in my case. The requirements from our amphor were over the top, translated passport, certified, blah blah, Everywhere I have been, doing normal business, banking, visa, drivers lic etc, I always asked if the yellow book is required or would help, I always got the same answer, no not want or not help???? I never bothered and have been here 17 years without one.
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