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  1. Yeah that's also true smarty pants along with computer efficient systems that support the entire transport infrastructure which allow planes to fly. Okay I'll concede that the Wright brothers probably didn't need it to get off the ground. [emoji51]
  2. Thanks, I thought so. I've only ever used it in the Krungsri ATM near my house.
  3. Krungsri has cardless. Can you use cardless in any Bank's ATM or do you have to use a machine from your own Bank?
  4. Can you help me out here. Please tell me where I can get the non government/bank controlled cash that you have in your pocket. Where are these trees that I can pick the cash from?
  5. You are not alone. There are many like you who prefer to go through life playing scared, paranoid conspiracy theorist victims. You are here in Thailand because you were able to afford the airfare. Do you know why airfares became so low over the years? Because of computer booking systems for purchasing tickets and tracking your every move while you travel. Scary stuff huh?
  6. A couple of weeks ago I had to pay my house rent and I sat down with the owner, both of us with our phones. I opened my Bank app and sent the money to her account and she received it immediately on her phone. Job done. Who wouldn't want that? No trip to the bank, no standing in line to draw out the cash, no handing over a pile of bank notes. Thank God for this technology.
  7. There's no big deal against using cash? Oh sorry do you have something smaller than a 1,000 Baht note? I can't change it. Oh sorry I'm going to have to give you all of this change in one Baht coins, you don't mind a few satangs either do you?
  8. So what's the risk? When you go outside and put your wallet in your back pocket does it contain all the money you own? No. Maybe you go out with a couple of thousand baht in your wallet and the risk is that the wallet might slip out of your pocket and you lose it. Well it's exactly the same with a digital wallet in your phone. But whereas your phone might be protected with a password or fingerprint the wallet in your back pocket is open to anyone who finds it on the street. So which do you think is more risky?
  9. I welcome the thought of cashless society. I can't wait for it to happen!
  10. I should add that the only time I ever use my foreign debit card is to make online payments like buying airline tickets for instance. But I would never swipe it through a machine in a shop or restaurant in Thailand. There have been too many cases of stolen credit and debit card numbers.
  11. Okay, so do whatever you want. But while I am quite happy to use my Thai Bank ATM/Debit card to pay for my groceries in Lotus or Big C I would never and have never used a foreign debit card here. If I encountered any problem with my Thai issued card it would be very easy to sort out any problems. But if I have problems with my foreign card then it becomes much more difficult as I'm not in my own country. Furthermore I rely on my debit card in conjunction with a code machine to authorize swift payment transfers from my own country. Without that facility I would have a real problem so I'm not prepared to take the risk.
  12. Every ATM I have ever got from a Thai bank has also been a debit card. Does it have Visa written on the front? If not just ask your bank for one.
  13. I avoid using cash when I can. I always use my ATM/Debit card when shopping in big stores like Lotus and Big C, also in the smaller stores like 7-Eleven etc. I've been doing that for years and never had a problem. You should make sure you sign up for the SMS service from your bank which means you get a text every time there's a transaction in your account.
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