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  1. I wonder how many of these flights are cancelled at the last minute.
  2. Christ on a bike! Is that all? And you should always use a capital 'I' to denote the first person singular pronoun.
  3. Can it also fade music in when the missus starts talking? That would be a useful feature.
  4. Hi All, For those who are interested, the application process for Thai Citizenship in my case went as follows: Late 2003 - Picked up the checklist from the Police Headquarters on Rama 1 Road January 2004 - Took all my documents to the Police Department, in what I thought was a word perfect application. However, since I was applying in January and this being a new tax year, my tax returns from the three preceding years were not enough. An oversight on my part, so waited until I got my most recent tax retirn PNG 91 for 2003 March 2004 - Try again. This time my application was successfu
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