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  1. The Thais do a lot of things really well, but their beer tastes like cat's <deleted>.
  2. If you're worrying about the DTs, which can be life threatening, then you'd be much better off going into rehab in your home country, under proper medical supervision, before you travel to Thailand. Or, wait for Covid and quarantine rules to blow over. As others have said, insurance likely won't cover you for any pre-existing or self inflicted condition. Getting seriously ill in Thailand is something that you should obviously avoid. Talk to your doctor.
  3. Each to his own. But even if you use an agent, you still have to prepare all the documents, photos, maps, etc. Plus you have the worry of constant and irrational rule changes. A 5 or 20 year Elite visa gives freedom from all that - buy it and forget it - which is something a lot of people feel is worth paying for.
  4. Depends how cashed up you are. For people who have the coin and don't mind paying, an Elite visa is a lot less hassle than navigating the Kafkaesque O visa regime.
  5. Hi All, For those who are interested, the application process for Thai Citizenship in my case went as follows: Late 2003 - Picked up the checklist from the Police Headquarters on Rama 1 Road January 2004 - Took all my documents to the Police Department, in what I thought was a word perfect application. However, since I was applying in January and this being a new tax year, my tax returns from the three preceding years were not enough. An oversight on my part, so waited until I got my most recent tax retirn PNG 91 for 2003 March 2004 - Try again. This time my application was successfu
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