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  1. Soon there will be nothing left of consular services but an Indian call centre. Britain is bankrupt, but squanders 14 billion pounds a year in overseas aid vanity projects. That's 28 times the value of the Bangkok embassy. It's disgusting, really.
  2. It's a roast baby pig. Pork. I suppose it depends on your taste but a lot of Philippine food reminded me of oily or roasted food, often in bland gravy, that had become cold and congealed. Vile, really, and I remember being glad to have left the place mainly for that reason. Add to the mix the Godforesaken dump that's Manila. Not for me, sorry. Fresh fruit and seafood are good there though, I'll grant them that. I don't see many Philippine restaurants outside of the country either, which speaks volumes.
  3. Lechon is a delicacy and is very nice, but is not part of the daily fare - disgusting cold stodge.
  4. Foundation for living - could refer to funds or a job. It's a bit ambiguous I'll grant you. Ambiguity being a useful tool for refusing entry.
  5. ไม่มีปัจจัยยังชีพ translates more directly to 'doesn't have a current occupation' It seems like they're expecting tourists to be doing something for a living somewhere else, unless of course you pony up the cash for an Elite visa. Times have changed.
  6. So why bother writing here then, as an Internet wallah yourself? The fact is that Thais used to hold westerners collectively in high regard. Then, their government tired of all the negative preaching from the west about how they should run their country, and turned towards China. It was all in the news. Now, they still like us on an individual level, but not so much on a collective level, hence a less forgiving official policy. What's your theory then, Einstein?
  7. I think we can blame our own governments for falling out with Thailand voluntarily. Think back to all the lecturing and virtue signalling our useless politicians did during Thailand's various political crises. It's hardly surprising that the Thais went off us.
  8. Hi All, For those who are interested, the application process for Thai Citizenship in my case went as follows: Late 2003 - Picked up the checklist from the Police Headquarters on Rama 1 Road January 2004 - Took all my documents to the Police Department, in what I thought was a word perfect application. However, since I was applying in January and this being a new tax year, my tax returns from the three preceding years were not enough. An oversight on my part, so waited until I got my most recent tax retirn PNG 91 for 2003 March 2004 - Try again. This time my application was successfully lodged. Paid the 5,000 Baht fee. Got fingeprinted. Signed my name (in Thai) on dozens of firms. Took two Thai witnesses and later my wife plus kids to show that they were real. Took forms issued to me by the police department to immigration and my disctrict office. Later went back to pick up the completed forms and take them back to the police department April 2004 - Thai language interview at the Police Department September 2004 - Invited to the Interior Ministry. Showed them my work permit, passport, alien registration certificate and certificate of residence. Then, I was shown into a room with around 40 people watching me. I was given a microphone and asked to sing the Thai National anthem and Phra Baramee (the one they play in the cinema). Yes, really. Managed to keep a straight face. Got interviewed in Thai - basic Q&A about my circumstances. Around the same time, a group of three officials from the Interrior Ministry visited my house to see if my domestic circumstances were as described on my application form Waited Waited February 2006 - Got the good news that the then Interior Minister Khun Kongsak had approved my application March 2006 - Got a letter to notify me of the above Waited (September 2006 - military coup) Waited November 2006 - Got the good news that the King had countersigned my application December 2006 - One of the most memorable parts: the oath. Just after the King endorsed my application, I was asked to report to the police department in business attire, armed with a candle, a lotus flower and an incense stick. I then had to stand with these in my hands while clasped in a wai, in front of a Buddhist shrine, repaeting an oath of allegance to King and country, and promising to be an upright and law-abiding citizen. Waited Waited April 2007 - Got the good news that the new Interior Minister Khun Aree had announced in the Interior Ministry notices that a bunch of applicants including me could now get Thai nationality May 2007 - Got the paperwork and certificate from the Police HQ to take to the disctrict office to get my ID card. Now I must return my work permit, alien residence certificate and certificate of residence to respective authorities as these are no longer needed. Now I can apply for a passport Told that my application was one of the faster ones these days. Getting Thai Citizenship IS a pain in the arse - but look on the bright side: 1) Now I can own what I buy, land, house, etc 2) No need for a work permit, and no restricted occupations. I can now drive a Tuk Tuk for a living if the going gets tough in the IT industry 3) Now I can get in free to the Grand Palace and pay the Thai rate for national parks 4) I can own a business 5) I can get a Thai passport and visit countries like Laos and Vietnam visa free 6) No need for that expensive old yearly Resident Return visa. No limit to the amount of time that I spend out of Thailand without losing my residency 7) I can use the Thai passport lane at the airport (shorter queues) 8) In my case, no need to give up my old nationality 9) I have a new Thai identity, forename and surname. Good for travelling to places that dislike my country of origin 10) I think that I can even vote, although I am not sure who is worth voting for All you need to do is satisfy the following to apply: http://www.phuketgazette.net/issuesanswers/details.asp?id=759 Golden rules are: 1) Be patient and never get upset. The people that handle your application do not make the rules and do not have any power over what happens in the Interior Ministry 2) Get a coach. Not an expensive lawyer - just make friends with one of the officials that handles your application Cheers
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