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  1. 14 hours ago, Jeffr2 said:

    You said you've seen lots of videos.  Most videos are on social media and most are fake or conspiracy theories.

    A conspiracy theory is an idea that is refuted unanimously by experts.


    Scepticism of the irrational response to Covid is put forward by various doctors and professors of medicine. Why is only one side of the discussion being reported?

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  2. 32 minutes ago, scorecard said:


    "...What seems to be happening in the west is a reluctance to acknowledge that a terrible mistake has been made in locking places down, with politicians too embarrassed to admit how wrong they've been..."


    Your entitled to your opinion but it's only an opinion.


    My opinion is that given the current situation in Thailand (and many countries) stopping the massive/growing spread my limiting travel etc., is appropriate but sure as soon as possible commerce needs to happen to keep people in jobs etc.


    Sorry but I just don't buy your comments about low infection rate etc. Is that's true how come many countries in Europe, USA and more have enormous death numbers? 

    Where are these enormous death numbers? The UK, for example, quotes a COVID death as anyone who has tested positive for COVID in the 28 days prior, regardless of what other health problems they may have. You'll fine that a lot of these are in nursing homes, with various comorbidities. If, for example, someone who has terminal cancer and has been given weeks to live, dies having tested positive for COVID, then was it cancer or COVID that killed them?

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  3. On 1/4/2021 at 5:09 PM, Travelanimal said:

    Lockdown isn't answer and never will be . It will only harm the economy.  If you haven't learnt it till now then you are foolish

    Very true. And for every doctor supporting lockdown, you'll find others who say it's ineffective. Add to that the economic devastation it causes, with the knock on effects to health that poverty causes. 


    Isolation should be voluntary, for those most at risk.

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  4. 4 hours ago, robblok said:

    I see the point of banning people from the Uk to get in countries where there is no quarantine. The strain is just really bad and it thriving in the UK. 


    But Thailand has state quarantine so what is the problem. Are they afraid that their standards are not up to spec ? I mean the precautions in the state quarantine are quite good tests are done and people kept isolated. 


    I don't see why they should exclude Brits in this country. 

    Why should Thailand take chances? This second strain hysteria, with its arbitrary 70% greater contagion, came from Matt Hancock and his cohort of 'experts' in the first place, so the British only have themselves to blame. 

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  5. I knew two people who overstayed 7+ years before leaving for different reasons. 


    One spoke fluent Thai and just blended in, living like a local with his Thai wife in a rented house. He taught English freelance, no work permit. 


    Another was also teaching, living in a condo in a building mostly occupied by locals. He then he met a woman in a good job, married and sorted his visa out. This was before Thailand excluded overstayers. 


    Both had one thing in common - they blended in and kept a low profile. Both weren't happy, and were looking over their shoulders all the time, dreading getting caught. Not the kind of life I'd choose to lead.

  6. 1 hour ago, overherebc said:

    I've also met a lot of expat managers who seemed to set themselves up as little tin gods and actually believed all the staff loved them. 

    Most of that type were so full of themselves they couldn't see the real situation.

    The real situation is that managers who get along with their staff get more work done. This is true everywhere, but more so in Thailand where people will work hard for you, but only if they like and respect you as a person. 


    Managers who belittle their staff usually fail in what they set out to achieve. Thais are good at reading how you feel towards them, and they reflect your own temperament back at you.


    I'll bet you fell into the latter category. 

  7. 2 hours ago, overherebc said:

    Check the first word of my post.

    Retired, five or six years ago.

    No need to rethink anything.


    Retired, or fired because your staff didn't like you and you didn't deliver for you? I've seen a lot of expat managers who look down on their Thai staff. Always the same poor result. 

  8. 9 hours ago, overherebc said:

    Retired project manager in oil and gas. 

    From material supply and verification of compliance through to completed O&G pressure vessels and process trains.

    Throw in a couple of pipelines here and other countries as well.

    HRSG's but only one I admit.


    Just wanted to see how far you would go.


    Thais aren't the easiest people to manage if they don't like you personally, or if you rudely look down on them as you seem to do. The projects you managed were likely problematic because of your own attitude to the people you were managing, or you wouldn't hold the view that they're below you. I think you need to consider your own management skills as the root cause of any problems you've had. 


    The opposite is also true: I've always found Thais to be loyal, creative, collaborative and extremely hard working. If they like you, they'll excel to make you proud of them. 

  9. 6 minutes ago, overherebc said:

    I just love the 'no dealings with industry in Thailand'

    Or should I tug the forelock sir?

    Keep going, I love the insults.



    I'm not insulting you - I'm just highlighting the fact that you have no experience or industry knowledge to back up what you are saying, yet you go around belittling people who are actually good at the work they do. And you then resort to mocking instead of offering an intelligent rebuttal based on your own experience. Do you enjoy making a fool of yourself? 

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  10. Just now, dbrenn said:

    What nonsense. I've worked in both the metallurgical and IT industries in Thailand, and there has been lots of knowledge transfer to local technicians and engineers. Some of them are every bit as good as their former mentors, and use the skills they've learned in a variety of different fields. Many are senior engineers, software developers, and the like - highly accomplished, and to say that all they do is simple assembly line work simply demonstrates your ignorance. You've obviously never had any dealings with industry in Thailand, yet you are determined for your own reasons to look down on people who are likely a lot more capable than you appear to be.  


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