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  1. I would like to try growing a couple of lemon trees in the garden. Can anyone tell me where I might buy them. I live in Don Mueang, Bangkok. I've asked at all the usual markets and wholesalers but only get 'No Have'. Are there any reasons why they aren't popular in Thailand, apart from everyone growing limes?
  2. I actually went to Mor Chit a week earlier than when I got my DL renewed. I got there around 8.30am and was told by the staff that I was too late for that day and that I should try another day. No mention was made of a queue number. Just come back another day, but earlier. So that's what I did.
  3. Coming from Sukhumvit road. Where is the best entrance? I looked on Google maps but the entrance wasn't clear.......unless I missed it
  4. You should be grateful that you have road markings that you can see. The markings on the roads in my area are almost invisible.
  5. This advice is related to renewing a 5yr driving license at the Mor Chit branch of the DLT in Bangkok. You can go there with your paperwork and get everything done in a morning. No need for further appointments. You appear to have gone to a different branch of the DLT in Bangkok and been given an appointment for April 8th to renew your license. My point is that the Mor Chit branch seems much quicker.
  6. No messing about with queue numbers and returning the following month at Mor Chit. Just turn up early (7am) with your papers and out by around 10.30am.
  7. So, yesterday morning I took my Lenovo ideapad 320 to the Advice store at Zeer, Rangsit. After the sales staff had picked themselves up from the floor and stopped laughing at my pathetic laptop with the AMD A4 processor (They found that particularly amusing) we decided upon upgrading to a Kingston 480GB SSD and 8GB of Kingston RAM. I tried to buy Adata brand but that was out of stock. The SSD and RAM came to 3000 baht and I paid another 600 baht for it to be fitted and have everything changed to the new SSD. I used my laptop yesterday, and I'm in my office, working with it now. There
  8. According to the MG website, the MG Extender has a turning radius of 6.3m
  9. Everyone's input and advice is appreciated by me. It's enabled me to come to a decision to upgrade rather than replace my existing laptop. In an ideal world, and if funds were not so tight, I'd have the luxury of buying new. With regard to upgrading, your different opinions have given me food for thought. I'll probably visit Zeer IT Mall, Rangsit tomorrow and wander around checking out the prices (Tyre Kicking lol). Hopefully get it sorted before the end of the month and report back to let you know what happened. The last thing I want is any upset between members.
  10. Thanks for the advice Ben DC. I've made up my mind to upgrade to 8gb Ram and a SSD on my existing laptop.
  11. Sorry. Another question. HHD at the moment is 500gb. Eindhoven, you're suggesting a smaller SSD. Is that okay? Or would a 500GB SSD be better in the long run.
  12. I really appreciate all your advice guys. At the moment, I have 4gb Ram and a 500gb HHD. I'm really happy to know that an upgrade to a SSD will make a difference. I'll probably upgrade the RAM too as it's not too much money.
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