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  1. Many years ago, I remember going to an 'after wedding ceremony' party in a small village just outside Roi-et. There was a stage set up, along with the usual oversized PA system, Morlam band and dancers. The family had also hired security (Armed with shotguns ). Now, I like a good Morlam concert but my senses told me an early return home was in order. We stayed for an hour or so and then made our excuses just as things started getting lively near the stage. We found out the next day that the <deleted> hit the fan just after we left and some kid had his arm hacked off with a mach
  2. Armageddon. I always seem to get something in my eye during the final scene.
  3. Hi. I've decided to apply to become a Thai citizen. Tomorrow morning, I intend going to the Royal Thai Police HQ to get the checklist of requirements. My wife is Thai, so I don't need advice on Permanent Residence. I'm just looking for any tips from people married to a Thai, that have gained citizenship in the past, or who are going through the process at the moment. I've done a search on here but nothing really came up.
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