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  1. My itching started when i got really run down after a lung abbces, then came Edema in legs and Eczema followed that,ive had a few bad years of trying to get to the bottom of it all. Turns out it was all caused by Leaky Gut syndrome, this means there are small perforations in the gut lining caused by crap food,medications or alcohol, I went strictly non-processed which got my gut bacteria back to normal but the itching persisted, then it started to worsen after a beer,so i went glutten free, that fixed it.. but it persisted, itchy rash all-over,depressed ect, Just before last Xmas i gave up caffeine type drinks, Tea,coffee ect, Now im totally itch free, my skin is back to its normal self,and im not as jittery as i was when drinking caffeine. Remember this, If its something you drink causing the itch,it will show up in 20/30 minutes. If its in your food,itching will start 6/8 hours after eating. Perhaps then you can eliminate what is causing the itch and like products. Like a few others here, ive tried all the tabs/creams/even IV to clean liver and blood, that worked for a few days but Gluten and Caffeine were the real culprits..
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