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  1. As to why Immo/CW moved some services to MTT: I asked a (seemingly) knowledgeable Immo officer at CW a few months ago, and he said that the plan is to move all of Immigration Division 1 to that complex of buildings in MTT. So this is a work in progress. One question I have is this: Now that Bangkok folk have to do 90-day address reporting (TM47) at MTT, do you also need an appointment? Or can you just walk in to do the 90-day report as was the case before at Counter A at Immo/CW? I cannot do the 90-day report on-line because I haven't entered the country since renewing my passport in 2014 -- hence I'm not in their databse for that service. Plus, I don't like the postal approach since that means mailing your original receipt of the last 90-day report. I prefer to keep that in my passport at all times. Advice please, from anyone who has recently done a 90-day address report at MTT: Appointment or no appointment required? Thanks
  2. My Thai wife was a retired, government civil servant when she died suddenly (without a will) in 2011. (1) Health care coverage under the Civil Servants Medical Benefits Scheme ends for the spouse in case of death of/divorce from the primary beneficiary. (2) I went to the local court (by myself, without a lawyer) to become appointed "Administrator of the Estate of [wife's name]." In addition to the marriage/death certificates, IDs, and statement of assets, all I needed to process that court order was a waiver signed by our two adult children, since they were first in line to inherit the "Estate." The process took a few months (delayed due to the November 2011 flood disaster) but was relatively easy. With the court order, I was able to have my name added to my wife's land deeds, car registration, and bank accounts.
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