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  1. My friend went to the one near the airport yesterday and was asked for both a letter of support from his embassy AND evidence of flight cancellation. He didn't have either and was denied. Don't know if the situation has changed.
  2. This is very strange. Chiang Mai is a major destination popular with tourists and expats so Chiang Mai Immigration should be aware of the latest directives coming from Bangkok. Immigration offices in Nakhon Nowhere are aware of the 60-day extension without the need for further documentation so this really doesn't make sense. rob20, did they also ask you for evidence of flight cancellation and quote you a fee?
  3. Hello, again. Has anyone been to the Chiang Mai immigration office recently to get their 60-day extension following the end of the amnesty on 31 Oct 2020? Any feedback?
  4. This happened to an acquaintance of mine. Chiang Mai Immigration unequivocally told him today, no embassy letter, no extension.
  5. I've heard of someone being refused the 60-day extension by Chiang Mai Immigration and told to leave the country ASAP because he didn't have an embassy letter and evidence of flight cancellation. But not too clear about this guy's history; he seems to have been on a couple of visa runs and been staying in Thailand for six months or so before the lockdown in March. Now I'm worried as I'm supposed to go to Chiang Mai Immigration for my 60-day extension tomorrow. I arrived here a few days before the lockdown in March on a 30-day visa exempt and have been on amnesty since then. Might they deny me
  6. Has anyone been to the Chiang Mai immigration office next to the airport in the last few days? Was it crowded?
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