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  1. Thailand never signed the UN refugee treaty so his refugee status everybody is referring to is as such technically irrelevant from a legal pov. I find it naive he did not consider this when travelling. He should know as Bahraini his country would wait for its chance to arrest him. I don't say I approve, by now I actually don't know what is true or not anymore. That Thailand now follows its law is imo the most sensible thing to do. UEFA is a hypocrite, indirectly finger pointing at Bahrain while organizing the world cup in Qatar.
  2. I think 75K THB for Bangkok is possible for 2 people HH but you do need to manage your budget since you also easily spend more. 4 persons, I would budget min 100-125 K depending age children.
  3. Who cares. I dont. Let him go back to Australia and stay there for the rest of his life. Can we please move on.
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