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  1. Well you can stick to your sermon and I will state once again - bomb meth factories, not 'go to war' with Myanmar
  2. Wow, you have so much insight into my thoughts... Scary! The scale of the problem has now risen to national emergency levels, time for diplomacy has long expired. How long have they been trying to negotiate a solution? Every day they have been trying, meth factories have increased in capacity and number so that does not seem to be the solution. Put pressure on Myanmar? You have to be joking, there is no real government and the military are in bed with Thai military ...so exactly who are you going to pressure?
  3. Now you are just being obstinate and pedantic. No need, everyone has their opinion and last I checked they were quite entitled to it and on a public platform quite free to state it. I ask again for one specific proposal, or how you would approach the problem that has not failed already...
  4. I mean if meth, or for that matter any other mind altering substance is shown to be the contributing factor. As it is in self defense cases.
  5. okay Mahatma... If a nation poses a huge threat to their neighbors stability, you see no reason to at least threaten to bomb the region the neighbor has clearly lost control of...
  6. Perhaps also remove punishment for family members sorting out the problem in-house? Today if a parent beats a thieving child, or an abused wife stabs her yabba crazed husband, they are in a lot of trouble. This serves to encourage addicts to abuse those around them with impunity. The law should start at home.
  7. How about putting the "Cobra Gold" farce to some good effect? There must be a plentiful supply of napalm and agent orange left over from the last farce ...bombs away! I have always wondered why medical science cannot come up with a solution: vaccination, or even something way more drastic - genetic engineer an antibody that fights methamphetamine? In my very humble opinion legalising it would free the vast sums of money spent fighting it, billions far better spent on research. Idiots who want to try such shit don't care if it is legal or not. Natural attrition of the stupid sped up can't be such a bad thing for humanity.
  8. This week I renewed my marriage extension at Koh Samui; it was the easiest in 14 years... Last year they nit-picked over everything and I made around 40 copies and needed more photos, etc. This year I forgot to copy one page of passport and that was it! Maps accepted were from last year (rejected then) photos not even looked at. It is almost like they have decided good guys = married and bad guys = retired
  9. Says it all, really - what president goes on holiday, during an emergency?
  10. Me too, considering the topic is "Koh Samui awash with drugs"...
  11. Should bloody hope so as it will take at least as long to pay it off...
  12. Unfortunately even though the average farang would spend far more, the sheer weight of numbers means the greedy dimwits will see quantity far outweighing quality...
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