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  1. Try dealing with Australian Immigration. I know of no country (in which I would like to live) that allows this, maybe you will get away with one or two years but then you will be flagged.
  2. Well, not quite as the agent blamed AU Immigration and immigration ignores your complaint only offering an appeal which you have little to no chance of winning and costs a fortune. This (involves job categories and titles) happened twice, complaints were filed and she was contacted by a few people but nothing changed - the first thing she was informed actually was there was no chance of a refund, and only in extreme circumstances would they reconsider the decision. Great. The last straw was in 2018, she finally thought she could apply for citizenship after three years PR but was informed there was ONE DAY she was not 'legal' in the country - when they changed her visa status there was a gap somehow - immigration at fault but sorry - appeal for $9k or lose this fee and come back end 2019. when we will look for some other reason to screw you around... All over one day. I find Thailand immigration a breeze compared to this lot.
  3. Of course I am guilty as charged, saw the photos and read some comments about the convenient timing... Well done to him.
  4. Yes, that international level football mecca known as Bahrain. I can understand giving a person PR, but handing out citizenship - here we go with the 'supreme leader' notion again...
  5. Any mention of looking for the vehicle that dropped the oil, that caused the accident? Or is it just an accumulation of all 999 trucks that passed there, today...
  6. Do you think they will reduce the fees accordingly? I sure as shit would not want to pay the same money to live in Broken Hill, as I would Sydney!
  7. Money... Outside the PP embassy in Cambodia the 'security guard' used to offer an 'express service' for $20 - his contact inside would most likely give him a fiver or something for each one he brought in. Good service too.
  8. Actually it's "If you're going to split hairs..."
  9. If you wish to register a marriage in Thailand, you need a declaration from your embassy to say you are not currently married. If you are married, the same declaration should say so - is that not sufficient? I would apply for this document, if your embassy has no proof then just get married in Thailand bigamy is legal if it's the same woman
  10. My daughter has been waiting 13 years - it has cost her in excess of 50,000 AUD. Two 'agents' screwed up her status, Australian Immigration messed up once and every time she has to start again and pay, again with no recourse. You can appeal, but it costs 9,000 AUD... The Ombudsman is there just for show! Its not just her story, there are many more. How come a Bahranian footballer can get citizenship in a few weeks?
  11. Guess I've hijacked this topic, but I do see similarities between apartheid SA and current Australian government attitudes. Basically they are allowing fewer people in, and dictating where these people must live. Welcome to freedom. Acting like a supreme leader, determining where people should live and not be allowed to live is a bit too supremacist like for my liking. Australia was one of apartheid's strongest critics, but they are now enacting similar arrogant policies in order to preserve their white privileged domain.
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