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  1. Quote.......Confronted with those statistics at the Rose Garden event with reporters, Trump said they were "wrong." As my dear old mum says...."You can't teach pork"
  2. One of my Thai friends has a business selling fertilizers and weedkillers. All the customers are interested in is killing the weeds as quickly as possible. I was there a few weeks ago when a customer from the previous day returned to complain that the glyphosate wasn't working and didn't want to know when told it would take up to a week to see results. He left with a barrel of paraquat because he wanted the weeds dead today. Not many farmers here seem that interested in the consequences their farming practices have on the environment which doesn't bode well for Thailand and it's citizens.
  3. The story goes that she was looking for lizards. My daughter was born in this hospital just over a year ago, very easy to gain access to the roof.
  4. Well it has been nearly 5 years since the last one so another one is long overdue.
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