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  1. They should consider themselves lucky they weren't incinerated in a barrel and tossed in the river like Billy.
  2. 'An honest days pay for an honest weeks work' springs to mind.
  3. Assuming a 2 dose vaccine, that works out at 650 bht per shot....seems high for the preferred Astrazenica vaccine.
  4. We are unable to find this confirmation number. Please validate your entry and try again or contact us for further information. (8104 - 1931) Not really a surprise as the flight was cancelled a year ago. Still, you gave me 30 seconds of hope.
  5. Yep, I've discounted ever getting a refund but getting in touch with the office dealing with re-ticketing/vouchers is proving impossible right now. Emails get an automated response and nothing else and phone calls get the 'please press1' etc, you wait....and wait....and wait....and then get disconnected. I'll never pay for another Thai Airways flight.
  6. Always wondered why those helmets are so large as all the wearers seem to have so little to fill them with.
  7. Yeah I got the same. I think it's a tactic to try and put as many people off by making it as frustrating as possible. My response is I will never again pay to fly Thai Airways.
  8. I read somewhere that over 100,000 of Thailand's Armed Forces are conscripts. Small wonder those in charge of conscription want it to continue as the number of volunteers would indicate they'd have a real problem maintaining the numbers should it be stopped.
  9. Been using the friends small agency for well over a decade now with no problems and very good deals. The money made it to Thai, confirmed with Thai and tickets issued but then cancelled. I fired an email to Thai last night asking for flights instead of the refund but who knows? Yeah only using airlines own booking system in future.
  10. Initially we were offered a refund or voucher when our flights were cancelled last March. We chose the refund. Then everything went quiet. Wait 6 weeks for refund we were told. Then Thai filed for bankruptcy protection and in Sept/Oct we got the email asking for claims from creditors. I phoned Thai and they offered a voucher and was ready to accept because I knew ticket holders are at the bottom of the ladder for refunds. Then the offer of a voucher was withdrawn when Thai realised we'd booked through an agency. That is further complicated as the booking was through a sub agent but the ticket
  11. This is what I found in my email this morning. Seems my application for repayment has been objected to and further details have been requested despite filling in the entire online form. I suspect because the travel agency is no longer trading they are not accepting my transfer of funds proof, bank statement detailing the transfer to the agency. As for the debt calculation this was calculated using figures on their own upload pages so finding that hard to understand. Feel as though I can kiss the cancelled family flights money goodbye from now on.
  12. ...and the Thai vaccine farce continues. If they'd had the foresight to be part of Covax then they would already be administering hundreds of thousands of shots.
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