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  1. Wonder when the ticket buyers who are waiting for the promised refunds for cancelled flights will get their money back?
  2. Does anyone know how flights originating in Thailand may be affected by the latest news? Our travel agent has been fruitlessly trying to contact Thai for information but seems nobody is even answering their phones. We were offered a full refund but seems this may have been overtaken by events. I did read today that bankruptcy has been ruled out which is potentially good news but have zero idea how this impacts those awaiting fare refunds.
  3. They're trying to paint a rosey outcome for the whole sorry mess that's all. Downsizing and several years of pain for Thai is almost certain but if they install a top class, experienced management team they should be able to turn things around.
  4. Yeah but politicians are so hard to find at the butchers these days.
  5. Same, I was told it can take up to 3 months to be paid out. If they declare bankruptcy soon I guess we can kiss a refund goodbye.
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