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  1. Thankfully not but the video was stopped half way through and everyone allowed out when the instructor noticed how bored everyone was.
  2. Recently sat through a video for my Thai 5 year driving license renewal. There was a section about moving out of the way for emergency vehicles.
  3. That is not the problem. Thai Immigration want it notarized in the UK and stamped by the Thai Embassy in London, confirmed by a trip to Chaeng Wattana head office. He was told that this was a recent change and what could previously have been done in Thailand now, for whatever reason, needs to be done back in the UK.
  4. They were married in the UK. Immigration want the UK marriage certificate notarized in the UK and stamped by the Thai Embassy in London.
  5. Friend of mine is having to do similar for his THAI wife. He has to fly to the UK though as she was previously married to an English guy and Thai Immigration want proof they are legally married to proceed his extension of stay.
  6. Not just the north that is suffering. Here in Kanchanaburi the air quality is terrible, never known it to be this poor in my 13 years here.
  7. "The head of driver Attaphon Ekkapong, 38, from Ubon had come loose and fallen down in the bus." The death of anyone deserves better reporting than this crap.
  8. 2.5 million bht in the US.....Thai import taxes suck.
  9. Neither do I but my comment was about the Thai Police having always implemented laws as they see fit. Not wearing a helmet outside of town, underage school kids without a motorcycle license getting to school, passengers in a pickup bed are examples that seem to get ignored by police and now this. Maybe you should take it up with Big Joke and ask him why the BIB are ignoring the law.
  10. Terrible air quality the last few days here in Kanchanaburi too. Started coughing and eyes are stinging after a short while outside.
  11. Maybe the Police realise that there is no logical reason to ban motorbikes from the tunnel and that the law, in this case, is an ass.
  12. What a guy....making the richest even richer and everyone else poorer.
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