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  1. My passport expires 19th June 2025 so appears I have lost 15 months, in event of no deal Brexit, if I want to travel to Europe.
  2. It's not too difficult which suggests this is either an ill thought out policy targeting those not responsible for the vast majority of the bad debts or a brazen money grab from retirees with next to no options....take your pick.
  3. Yeah that makes sense except my local Immigration Office told me last time wifey submitted a TM30 that in country trips don't need a report even though the hotel I stayed at report me staying there but trips out of the country, even if only a 1 hour border hop need a TM30. Previous to that a different lady told us all trips away from home, either within Thailand or abroad need a TM30. If it's one thing consistent in Thailand then it's the inconsistency.
  4. That is running 100 metres in 17 seconds and repeating for 2 hours.... remarkable!
  5. "The criticism was echoed by Thailand's army chief...." Genuinely scary this guy is where he is as he has no idea what free thought and democratic rights are.
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