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  1. Less than one and a half charging stations per province.
  2. Yeah our renter is old school and chemicals are a way of life. Gets the subsidy as well so seems to do ok. We have a great irrigation system in Kanchanaburi though so get 3 crops a year. 4 crops are possible if you start preparing the paddy as soon as you have cropped but that is rare to be honest.
  3. "He said 300 to 400 kilograms of rice is produced per rai" That doesn't seem very much as the lady who rents our paddy always gets between 600 and 800 kgs per rai.
  4. Trump obviously wants to go down as the United States most prolific serial killer in history.
  5. "Several prominent law firms have pulled out of the Trump campaign's legal operation, leaving Trump's personal lawyer Giuliani to spearhead the efforts." Trump really is <deleted> now.
  6. Hi, anyone else received an email recently advising them that they have until November 2nd to submit their debt repayment claim regards Thai Airways? The online form is a bit laborious to fill in and needs a lot of info but hopefully signals that refunds are a little closer for cancelled flights.
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