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  1. Thanks for the thoughts. I fired off a quick email to Finnair in Bkk and they said the short connection won't be a problem but I'll ask again what happens if there is a significant delay....thanks for the tip. Where did you find the flight stats information?
  2. Yes I've had a couple of excellent flights in the past....very generous with the drinks trolley too.
  3. Nearly...wifeys friend is the sub-agent we ordered the ticket through. Main travel agent issued the ticket and are the ones withholding the money and supposedly the subject of investigation. Wifeys friend is owed a very large amount of commission by the main agent that has also been withheld for over a year. She has also been promised this later in the year but only a reduced percentage of what she is owed.
  4. As a follow-up our travel agent has issued a 'promise' to pay our refund back in 4 months time. It appears they have had the money since early last year when our flights were cancelled. A complaint to the Thai Consumer Protection Board got the response that they have had many complaints about this particular company, it was illegal to withhold the money last year and that there was an ongoing investigation. Ho hum.
  5. Instead of a rise in VAT, which disproportionately hurts those who earn the least, maybe Thailand's fabulously wealthy should do the patriotic thing and start paying a more equitable share in the countries moment of need.
  6. Hi, I've flown Finnair in the past and enjoyed the experience. Having seen that they are now flying 4 days a week back to the UK I was wondering if anyone has recent experience with them on this route? Specifically, any delays or boarding issues and how many passengers were on board. Would add that the flight is for a Thai national.....thanks for reading.
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