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  1. I bought my Schick (2 blades, white and blue handle bar, 5 pieces, B60) in Daiso in Central Airport Plaza. There is also another Daiso in Central Festival. In Kad Farang (HangDong) is another one. That's the one I have: https://www.daisoeshop.com/index.php?lay=show&ac=cat_show_pro_detail&cid=137242&pid=1158812
  2. I can recommend the SR Residence Hotel outside of Phetchabun. It's quite new, very clean, comfortable, with swimming pool, little bit outside of town, we paid walk-in B900. We went to eat in town (not far, easy to reach), so can not comment on food and ABF which was included. SR Residence is also on Agoda! However it is not near this temple. But as you have your own car the distances are no problem! If visiting temple is your thing, I can highly recommend to visit Wat Ban Den (Google it), north of Chiang Mai. A nice dam is just a short drive away! Enjoy your trip.
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