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  1. Yes. Nosiness more than likely. And, I too was thinking that we'll bring the certificate along but produce it only if asked. I bet they won't ask for it!
  2. No. I didn't ask why the request. Wife said never mind we'll bring the certificate next year.
  3. Yes. But I could be just a guest in her house! No need to be married to live together! We lived together unmarried many years in Pattaya before moving to Ubon and eventually getting married in her village.
  4. Yes. She did a TM 30 two years ago when we moved from Ubon to the village. That TM 30 is duly stapled in my passport. And she had done a TM 30 some years ago when we moved from Pattaya to Ubon.
  5. Ubon. I went yesterday for my NON-IMM O extension in Ubon. Simply Retirement, not based on marriage. With the 800k in the bank as I've done for many, many years before. My new Thai wife (long time TGF, we got married a few months ago) was with me. She drives the car so it's natural she comes along. No problems but this time they asked what relation between her and me. Marriage. OK. They then asked for a copy of her tabian baan and her ID card. Fortunately she had the tabian baan with her just in case it was requested for my address.. And at conclusion of the paperwork
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