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  1. Same problem as OP. We bought a house on plan in an all new subdivision in Ubon. Middle class. Houses from 2.7 to 4.2 mib Behind us somebody bought a house and the adjacent plot without a house built on it. Then they built a big shack on it. The whole width of the unbuilt plot. A big family. Their business now is buying clothes by the bag and re-assorting them in the shack for detail resale. Moderate truck traffic but always people outside talking in loud voices from morning to late at night. The big annoyance is that this business has nothing to do in our peaceful, clean and tranquil moobaan. It will certainly bring down the resale price of our house. TGF feels we have been cheated by the developer. Indeed ome people on the street have already complained that way. I'm surprised that the developer - a big and respected name in Ubon - has given it assent to this incongruity. Should be worth a lawsuit but TGF and I have no appetite for one.
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