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  1. My Thai wifes son is 24, he has a passport, a girlfriend from and in Laos right now and a baby with her. They are not officially married. Recently he entered Laos via the boat close to Bung Khan with his passport and was told he could stay in Laos for three month. However, after a few days the police showed up in the village (which is not located in the ampoe on the river), seized his passport and eventually sent him back to Thailand. He was told without being married he could only visit for a maximum of three days. I don't think he was given a proper Laos visa upon entry and even if he had he was told he could not stay privately with people. Has anyone ever made experiences (for example in the Thai family) how easy or complicated it is to marry a Laos girl being Thai. I am sure there are umptien papers needed, will they have to be legalised? Is this a long process overall? Where do you best marry, in Thailand or in Laos? Rumour locally has it that even if you are married and want to life in Laos that you are subjected to several limitations, like not being allowed to build a house, what about being allowed to work or even not being allowed to stay after all. Any opinios? Cheers
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