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  1. Did the 90 days very quickly at CW, no one said anything about landlords details or TM30 :s
  2. Thanks, I know Im well past my online date I just wanted to check what I need to do at CW
  3. About 2 weeks ago I tried to do my online 90 day report which was denied with a note saying somehting about the TM30 form. Even though my landlord had registered 2 yrs ago I guess it had to be done again. So I informed him of this and apparently he is able to do it all online, he did completed the form over 10 days ago and got a confirmation email that it had been submitted but it hasnt been confirmed by immigration still and the number to call no-one ever answers it. My 90 day deadline was yesterday so I now have 6 days to report myself, what should I do? I have a recent signed copy of my landlords ID card and house book, can I just go to CW (Im in BKK) and do my 90 day and register my landlord myself?
  4. OK thanks for the feedback, she got a new Thai passport anyway and there were no problems with that, it will be posted to us in the next 2 days
  5. I just found this old thread, it seems it is possible to fly on an expired/less than 6 months passport if flying back to your home country can anyone confirm this?
  6. What is different now? I will be applying for one soon
  7. My wifes Thai passport expires in early June next year, we will be going to the UK soon (early July-ish) with her on a 6 month visa and she will leave the UK end of Dec but this would mean she would not be able to fly as she would have less than 6 months valid on her passport. Im thinking we can go and get a new passport for her but will they allow getting one so early? If they dont allow it what would her options be? I guess getting the visa with the old passport and then getting a new one while in the UK and it seems you then have to carry the old passport with the visa stamp in with you: https://www.gov.uk/transfer-visa Is London the only place to get a new Thai passport in the UK or will all the regional consulates do it?
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