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  1. Hang on.. seems that you are intent on warning all and sundry about the dangers of a natural hormone the all men (and women though less) produce.. The idea that TRT causes prostate cancer is well debunked several years already.. unless you are already suffering from prostate cancer. Which is why a PSA before starting is advised. If a 1 or less no problem. Concerns arise if 4 or more on the scale. I wonder if you are aware though, that annual PSA is no longer recommended. Too many men frightened into surgery after a borderline diagnosis and then suffering impotence and o
  2. I was thinking " I wonder when this poster joined TV to be able to have this beautifully simple username" so I checked your date joined.. Wow! 2002! This is the earliest date joined I have seen on the forum.. You must have been George's best friend at the time!
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