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  1. After reading the article, and then your reply, I just felt your description of the fellow was unfair.. "The guy comes across as a a moaning, jealous, ignorant <deleted>." This. That was certainly not my take-away from the article.. Comparisons will always have pros and cons. As for off-road cred, those routes into the Himalayas are not off-road. Bad roads yes, off-road no. He made good points about altitude sickness, the danger of those roads, the skill of the Indian drivers of HGV vs the almost non-existant skills of VN drivers etc. Lack of food, fuel and internet coverage in this area of India etc. I live in India for several years in the early '70s and put more than a few miles on the Enfield Bullit 350. They were almost modern then! Heavy with poor braking, although not ridiculously so for the times..but better than the Rajdoot 150 two-strokes and Bajaj (Vespa license) available at the time. Now India, like Thailand, has many better choices of motorcycles. A fellow in my condo building bought a Royal Enfield 500 Classic. After one (1) rainy season most of the chrome, and there is a lot of it, was heavily rusted. What? There is no rain in India? I beg to differ. Lack of quality. The result of almost 40 years of a monopoly. No incentive to improve. Now they have to compete and like HD in America, they took the market for granted and are paying the price.
  2. What's your point TG? The guy has done the Himalaya trip.. You aren't impressed by the CB500X in Vietnam but say nothing about the many pictures from Northern India.
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