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  1. If you phone them and chat very nicely (in English) they act on problems, always have done for me. I pay for the cheapest service and last week they connected fibre optic cable with a wifi modem for free.... Phone 1530 then 9 for English when prompted...
  2. So you don't like McD's grub, yet most of the planet does....Your "poison" jibe was a bit OTT...
  3. So the girls car didn't have headlights to see a truck...?..
  4. Non turbo petrol will be a slug, no grunt and cost more in fuel..
  5. A Teana..........Imagine a Camaro being badged a Teana, it would be history....
  6. The CTPL is there cos a huge number of folk here would not bother with insurance, the thing stuck on the dash is their insurance........So, those folk must pay the CTPL to be able to road tax their ride...
  7. Toyota has the built in reliability..You pay for that whether new or second hand...
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