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  1. As above...No ploblem...You could over inflate the tyres a tad but remember to re-adjust when you get back but I wouldn't bother just for a few weeks..
  2. And between 1939 and 1945 a few folk were hanged in the UK for such stuff..
  3. Well the bird was aiding and abetting murderers of innocent folk for not having a beard or smoking a fag and other daft stuff. She KNEW who she was aiding AND their atrocities..I don't give a flying flush about her age and shagging predicament, and am sure most Brits don't..
  4. I like being ignored, by Mrs.Trans, Thai or farang, farang mainly....My bit of heaven....I can drift off into my own thingy.....
  5. Here is the Vigo advised cold tyre PSI page from their handbook, yes it can be confusing but just shows the huge difference between different models and tyre sizes regarding PSI..
  6. Folk who go in for a top up are probably not getting the correct pressure anyhooo because the tyre and inside air is hot and PSI will have increased and the advised PSI is for cold tyres.. My Vigo PSI was 29/30, if I called in on route 35 would be OK but check them myself the next morning cold, if I had a new tyre or puncture repair I would insist on 29/30..
  7. If your maxxis have a max PSI rating that covers 51 PSI then you are OK, if they don't then Wai to your god...
  8. So what does the door jam sticker say regarding your Vigo tyre PSI...?
  9. Vigo's have many sizes of tyres, my 4x4 had 29 PSI all round loaded or unloaded...Other small tyre Vigo's had waaaaay higher pressures.....The door jam tells all for your ride..
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