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  1. What is the price difference for similar specs between the two..?
  2. Well yes, but you really would have to stick to changing it at 5000km .
  3. If you wrote 30kkm service folk may have an idea what you are talking about, if you write 30th service it means the service after the 29th service....
  4. B-quik were selling Mobil 1 synthetic for diesels, plus oil filter for I think 1200bht last year. They advertised they can do that because they buy stock in drums.. I now do not own a Toyota, but I have provided the correct answer from Toyota regarding your mistake to clear the issue up for Toyota owners here.....
  5. Garages have been offering synthetic from a drum and hose to bring the price down. If you buy it in a can it is still expensive...
  6. You posted false info, end of story. Toyota do NOT say you must use Synthetic as you originally said. Post the book page that "suggests" using full synthetic, just for me... I am waiting for another reply from Toyota, will let all know when I get it...
  7. Sad the guy lost his life. Boxing, cage fighting etc are contact sports where the aim is to render their opponent helpless. They know the risks.
  8. If that's a fact, how on earth did you find the polling station.... Obviously not on your own....
  9. Moooooooooooore BS scare mongering..... Can we have all the Brexit threads in one thread please.....
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