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  1. tebee and others know that, but it is just one of the straws they are clutching too, to make themselves feel relief from their treachery...
  2. So now we have the "Not binding" ploy again.........Gawd.....
  3. There is no value in buying a heavily taxed ride in LOS.
  4. The only mess is the politicians shafting the peoples vote, now you want another peoples vote just in case it goes the other way, then the politicians and you can all relax if it does. If it did, then you and they are treacherous individuals..
  5. He's probably across the channel as we speak, sitting in Starbucks looking over his shoulder fumbling with his brief case.....
  6. I am sure the EU controllers know exactly how UK law works...
  7. Could be the moon doing overtime regarding some sea level rise. Well it does control our tides, doesn't it.........Where I had my boat there was no sea rise that I noticed over 30 years..
  8. Perhaps the imm bloke telling a reliable member all that stuff, was just guessing as most gov offices here guess on most stuff, nobody seems to follow what they are told to do by those who control them....
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