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  1. 7 minutes ago, Loiner said:


    Fair would be to accept that different nations make and apply their own rules and legislation in their own lands. It is unfair for the EU to demand that another sovereign nation should accept EU rules and governance in the other nation.
    We left the EU and will not be part of your one market anymore, therefore are free to not accept any rules from the EU. That's fair.

    It's no use talking to him, he told us he needs the EU, and is very biased because of it....🥴

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  2. 3 minutes ago, robblok said:

    I don't get this reply at all you made a post mocking that i said we need the EU and then when I asked why you mocked it you come back saying... oh your actually right that you stay with the EU.


    Then you post some stupid remark about fishing (fishing is not an important sector) i could not care less if it was done on our side. I have no problems with that at all. Like i stated countless times. So why come back with something i already agree upon. Makes no sense.

    Could it be your English comprehension...🤔

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  3. Just now, robblok said:

    Then you will never get it I don't mind the EU holding firm on this. We will see what the UK gets. You can't get low tariffs and level playing field you can get higher tariffs and a non level playing field. Its really simple. Agree and you get better tariffs don't and you won't. 


    The fishing rights thing is just stupid compromise there as its better for both sides.

    Says the guy who has quoted here his country NEEDS the EU......😂

  4. 1 minute ago, robblok said:

    I know I was trying to get some substance for you but like all others i understand that that is impossible so some jibes are all i can do to try to force you to actually engage your brain in the discussion like so many others have asked of you. 

    Making jibes of no substance except bashing, is the choice of losers....Try not to do it in future...Thank you...

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  5. 3 hours ago, passiflora said:

    Good morning to all 

    I'm looking for a new car, and I like the new MG extender 

    Have you some feedbacks about it? 

    Thanks in advance for your advices

    There are a couple of blokes here that have bought one, probably in the above link. It is a re-badged Chinese Maxus T70, will be loads of info on the Net regarding long term ownership pros and cons though probably in Chinese, I suspect...🤭

  6. 30 minutes ago, AlexRich said:

    I think my assumption is largely correct, given the number of Range Rovers driven in London that will never see a country lane. My main point however is that it’s pretty dumb to spend 2 times plus the European price for any of these cars, however much money you have. 

    I think it's dumb that rich blokes buy a million quid Bugatti to go up the coffee shop in, and have absolutely no intention of using it as it should be, but they do....

  7. 30 minutes ago, Rookiescot said:


    Why dont you just admit that you had no clue that King James and the act of union are not the same thing?

    Is the UK in a union with Canada? Same queen after all.

    I even suggested you googled it. 

    And by the way very few are calling for Scotland to become a republic after independence so Elizabeth will still be our queen. However In Scotland she is Elizabeth I not Elizabeth II.

    We have never had a queen Elizabeth before.

    1. Getting back on topic, tell me this, are Hungary and Poland members of the EU....? Yes or No..


    2. Is the UK, including Scotland, a member of the EU....?  Yes or No..



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  8. 1 minute ago, Rookiescot said:


    How many times. The act of union between Scotland and England happened in 1707.

    Not once have I ignored that James VI was also James I of England. But that did not create the union.

    Queen Elizabeth is also the queen of Canada. Does that mean the UK and Canada are in a union together? Or Australia. Or New Zealand? Or any of the other countries Elizabeth is queen of.

    You have somehow managed to convince yourself correcting your ignorance is somehow anti English. 😂

    So the English and Scots under the same King were not a union, perhaps not in your parliamentry sense, but they were joined under one King...That is my point. But you don't like that thought, but you are lucky, I will not use your word "ignorance", that is a remainer word by some on here because they are upset....😢

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  9. 56 minutes ago, Rookiescot said:


    In what way have I ignored James VI?

    In what way have I shown any hatred of the English?

    Evidence please or dont bother to reply. I am not interested in any asinine quip.

    All I have done is point out your ignorance over a union you claim to like.  

    1. You ignore that Scot King James VI was also King James I of England, a nice weeee union....

    2. Your posts tell all, go read them, search the thousands.......

    3. I don't like your word ignorance, but you do not understand Brexit has actually happened, you can apply your word to that...

  10. 4 minutes ago, Rookiescot said:


    I was merely pointing out that your claim that the union was formed by James VI becoming king of England as well was wrong. 

    It does of course show your level of knowledge with regards to the union you like.  

    Scots King James VI also became King James I of England, are you saying that was not a union of Scotland and England by the same King......?

    Your second sentence just shows you know nothing about what I like and why...🤫

  11. 9 minutes ago, Lacessit said:

    He would need two of those. That's what they say about Jags, one on the road and the other in the garage getting fixed.

    I've only ever known one guy who owned a Jag, his was off the road more often that it was on it.

    I would steer well clear of a Jag or even a Rover in LOS....

    I find a lot of saloon rides are too low, ground clearance and head clearance getting in the things. Honda CRV would be a good choice for me...😊

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