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  1. Hey Bob thanks for the input and the video, looks like he built himslef a nice place, and it looks like single wall 75mm in the video, but not an expert so maybe my eyes are off. I did see stock of 70 and 75 mm blocks here at Global Home, but again they had no lintels in stock and said they would have to be ordered. It seems though that here the default is to put a cement frame around each window, and the builder I am looking at does that and also has a seam of cement at the midpoint that joins the windows to the pillars, reinforced with steel. I will ask him again about lintels and if they are such a hassle to get, maybe I will order them myself...or go with just the blocks. We are months away from start so I cant there being an issue getting 6-10 lintels in that time, but lets see. More interesting is this builder seems not at all interested in them - to me they reduce work even more (slightly, as they are typically the length of 3-4 blocks - yet it is not something he feels comfortable with, not sure why.... Cheers for the info
  2. Yes and I like the modern slope, water slides off easily, far fewer seams to worry about and yes for sure will be collecting TONS of rain water as it is always raining here in the south east - and we have lots of fruit trees and will do some gardens as well so water will be welcome. Was a t Global Home (House?) yesterday and they had equal amounts of 0 and 75mm blocks in stock. Did not ask whick width sold more but they had them in quantity. Cheers
  3. Cheers Sometime. Did not think about the fastening and the concrete v aac, good point. Yes also see that easily available widths in this area are 70mm and 75mm, all else is by order only - but we are months away from a potential start so that is less of an issue. Now that the walls are more or less settled in my mind, focus has turned to the roof - the design is a modern front to back slope for run off, in steel. Pondering that vs a traditional gable roof, which is obviously more $$$ Cheers
  4. BTW thx for links to pics, going to explore further there.
  5. Sometime, thanks for the input. Agree on the enhanced properties of double wall but think in our case we will likely go with single wall, 75 or 100mm. We are in a quiet and cool zone - thought agreed the quiet could change in a heartbeat, but the 17+ years I have been here has acclimated me to most of what the atmosphere here throws at you, heat, rain, noise, etc Builder is not as keen on 100mm or up, but I might go that way anyway. It appears lintels are not available at 75mm, and he does not use them but rather encases the windows and doors in reinforced concrete that extends to the support pillars. The rep at q-con tells us that this is a common technique here given no lintels at 75mm. It has occurred to me thou to ask if a 100mm lintel can be placed with 75mm walls...and the overhang I would just consider as an accent piece over the frames - it could overhang to the interior or exterior really...not sure this can work but inquiring to see. Cheers
  6. Cheers Steve thanks for the reply. I am getting feedback that 75mm is fine, in particular because the load is borne by the pillars. Insulation @ 75mm I think will work well for us in this case, as we are in a quite cool, rainy area - so I have more info now to ponder. BTW, like the handle - see you are in Udon now, but perhaps once in Ban Kruat? It was a haunt of mine 15 os so years ago as well - good ol BK. Have a great day
  7. OP great thread. I am embarking on a house build now and have a quote from a builder who proposes AAC 75mm thick blocks - which looks to be the width of the panels I see in those photos. Have any comments on how the place looks now, almost exactly a year later? Do you know if they used a single wall, or did they double it up? I have seen a few places this builder has done now and they look good, and the weather here I find not too extreme - not like where I am from anyway and from what I read I think 75mm might be more than up to the task, but would like to hear what others have experienced. Cheers
  8. I am relatively new to the DIY section, and have a question about AAC blocks please. I have a builder quoting me on a small one story home, using a single wall of 75mm q-con. Is that enough for outdoor walls in the opinion of this forum (using a concrete frame and floor). I have visited a few projects he has done and they look god, but I am not an expert on these materials and unsure if 75mm is enough for external walls. Metal roof on top so not heavy Thanks in advance for any input, cheers
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