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  1. I gave up smoking 10 years ago but whn I did it was near impossible to avoid the Motosais within 5 metres if you were walking around the Lk Metro area. This will be as rigourously enforced as the no smoking in bars rule.
  2. The lady should have rung the cops to say her bike had been stolen as it was not in the disabled car spot. If they arrive they find the bike but will be somewhat miffed at missing out on nap and question the parking dude. And the mustang driver. Seeing a mustang suddenly tea money would be asked for and T-21 lose face at having a cop which would attract a crowd. Security guard gets lecture from the police about moving bike into dangerous area. Mustang owner pays a 1000 baht or gets ticketed for parking in a disabled place or the cop wants to drive Mustang he impounds it and drives the long way back to nick via the Mia Nois place .
  3. One of the reasons for burning the cane was kill all the cane toads and snakes in the crop. In Queensland anyway. Cane mulch is used for gardens to reduce water evaporation. In Queensland they announce cane burning times by area so you can watch them, take your clothes off the line, and shut your windows and you may wish to avoid driving at those times.
  4. They now have a heap of people to chase down. An arrest in Canada led to 200 perverts in Australia being caught including am Army Major in our office.
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