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  1. Over 40 years ago In Australia a mate was in St Johns ambulance and was tasked to take an ambulance toa country town for a speedway meeting on a long weekend. We got about 15kms from home and there was a huge traffic jam about a km from our turn off. So my idiot mate puts the lights and sirens on and when we get to out turn off after everyone gave us space a copper pulled him over and offerred to give us a police escort to a hospital with a patient. My mate had to explain he had no patient and was just in a hurry to get home . He was booked, made to go back in the queue and was fined 500 dollars (he only got 200 a week pay) and got demerit points and had to resit the lights and sirens course. St Johns barred him from driving duties for 6 months.
  2. friends of mine, both now sadly departed, where raised by these mongrels. Mary sued them years ago and eventually they settled out of court but her husband fortunately was adopted before they could fiddle him His lifelong friend left the orphanage illiterate at 15 having been sent to the potato fields of central Victoria at age 9. There are enough Italian_Australians in prison to keep the old nonce safe.
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