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  1. Too late, the Conservative party have assigned themselves to oblivion at any future elections. In order to restore the British public's belief in their democratic system there needs to be a radical clean out of the existing political parasitical hierarchy. Very few British politicians are genuine servants of their constituents, it is a shame that those that are will be collateral damage . The House of Lords needs to be cleaned out, and all the political appointees removed, only those who have genuinely served the country, not the establishment, and have genuine intelligence appointed to the house of policy re-evaluation .
  2. Call in the Daleks. They will deal with the Islamic insurgency problem.
  3. How did he get so many politicians to transform into reptilian bodies? Perhaps the procedure can be adapted and applied in other countries.
  4. Very short sighted policy. Again those in power not seeking to support their citizens by ensuring that they have adequate medical care, decent power infrastructure (that does not repeatedly brownout), decent sewage and waste disposal .
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