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  1. What is the typical way and also the easiest way to do this border run to Cambodia?

    Depend where you live.If in Surin or Prasat just take a Minibus to the Chongchom Border, Sisaket you take a Minibus to Surin and change in the bus to Chongchom Border.or Sisaket via Taxi / Rentalcar to Chong Sam Nam (Phusing District)

  2. thanks Dilligad, about HK Garden i used his gps coord. They must be wrong then.

    I was never at the zoo in Sisaket where is the zoo? according to google and other websites it's in Rama IX Shalom Phra Kiat Forest Park in Non Nong Kwang.

    Thanks again

    khwaibah the link has a full resolution version map. smile.pngthumbsup.gif

    Great work but Usanee Restaurant is gone a couple of years ago and the Zoo i inside the .Somdet Phra Sri Nakarin Park

  3. Thank's Dilligad. I do know Frank & Nong for many years and I can't imagine he i closing down. And the other points fishbone mentioned. Yes that's no news..

    Sorry that you havn't post or not been in Thailand for your healthy reasons . I hope you will get better soon.

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  4. One thing I think you forget. He mentionend that he got a Mutiple -Entry Visa ( I have an O/A multiple entry 1 year "retire visa" or whatever it is called. I need to report every three months.) I think that he have to leave the country every 3 months. Maybe I'm wrong but I have to do it with mt Multiple-Entry Non O Visa ( based on marriage)

    1. You visas validity started on the date it was issued. On your visa the enter before date is the last day you can use you visa for entry and get another year of stay,

    2.and 10. Your report will be due 90 days from the date you entered the country including that date. You can do your report 15 days before the report date or 7 days after including the report date in the count.

    3 and 4. The Amphoe issues the yellow book. You will have to ask them what is required.

    What you got from immigration was a certificate of residence. You can use it to get a drivers license or register a vehicle.

    You don't really need a yellow book. You will not need it for anything at immigration.

    5. to 7. Every time you enter the country before the enter before date on your visa you will get a one year permit to stay.

    You can do an entry just before you enter before date and get another one year permit to stay that will give you almost 2 years of total stay.

    After the enter before date on your visa you will need a re-entry permit to keep your last one year entry valid if you want to travel,

    Before that last entry ends you will need to apply for an extension of stay based upon retirement. That will be sometime in September of 2016 If you do an entry just before the enter before date on your visa. You will need 800k baht in a Thai bank for 60 days on the date you apply or proof of 65k baht income or a combination of the 2 totaling 800k baht.

    The extension costs 1900 baht.

    8. When you make your trip in March you will get a new one year permit to stay when you enter the country. It will also reset your 90 day reporting date. It will be 90 days from when you enter the country.

    9. It sounds like they don't want you to your reports by mail. You would need to mail the report so it gets to the immigration office 7 days before your reporting date or not earlier than 15 days. But you need to get their requirements it could be different than what immigration central says.

  5. Please do yourself and all others here a big favor. Drive to Sisaket, ( as you've mentioned that now so many times that your gf, or wife lives there), have some sets of your resume and visit schools in person, as most places close beginning of October, it's midterm break.

    Then go from p;lace to place and show your face, you might be lucky and find a school. The college in Sisaket is a governmental institution, so you'll have the same problems regarding a work permit.

    I find it hard to believe that you've asked people here for donations, telling stories that you'd to leave Thailand,because of an ATM scam that somebody did to you,then you had to go back to Germany, while your family would stay in Sisaket. Then the whole story was changed into something else, again and again.

    All in a sudden a story that you'd work in Phuket,for many years, teaching, etc..

    Wouldn't you be in Sisaket sometimes anyways, if you've got a family, or a girl friend there?

    I've read so many posts of you now, that I'm really irritated what you're up to? Looking for an insurance for a surgery,or employment until you're 65, or lifelong?

    And please stop sending me private messages. The fact that we're from the same country means nothing to me, if you know what I mean.

    I'd call that annoying, without wanting to hurt you. Best of luck. -facepalm.gif

    Thanks and I agree 100 % . He can't made his mind up what he want to do . OR everything must 100 % safe and covered. I think he wouldt better of in his homecountry.

    Edited my SlyAnimal - fixed formatting on quote

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