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  1. JLCrab,

    First of all, thank you for sharing some useful information about Khon Kaen; I was actually aware of the Mini dealership but of course you weren't to know that. Khon Kaen is, at the moment, a possibility.

    Secondly, i will reiterate why I do not want to reveal the nature of my business; (A) i don't want to complicate the thread with discussion of that; (B} the fact that the expansion i hope for may never happen; and © I don't want someone stealing my idea. I don't really think there can be much argument with those reasons can there?

    My question that you quoted does not necessarily require knowledge of what business it is, all that is needed to be known is that as with any business it requires a customer base who are willing and able to spend money on something (that i know they will find useful because of my existing experience); the customer base in my business is largely expats/foreigners hence my questions regarding size of population and number of foreign oriented businesses. However a large Thai population also feeds into this, and how educated/wealthy they are does too.

    As i have already said, if you don't want to share information that is fine, but please don't clutter this thread up with a continuation of this argument. I am not going to tell you what the business is however much you go on until I am good and ready. That IS my show.

    Now I'm confused. First you ask about the following cities (you say), and most think like me about the province. And now you're writing, you know that already. Are you sure you know what you want to kiss ?

    Your whole post seems to be a scam and nothing serious.

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  2. By the way I can't find any information about the racingciruit called chang..... but here is the official webpagelink incl. racing schedules :http://www.bric.co.th/home/default.aspx

    in News in the news website we cannot name here...

    in Udon News also states

    11 September 2014 - 08:20 am

    Newin Chidchob yesterday unveiled his latest ambitious project, Chang International Circuit (CIC), in his home province of Buri Ram. The former cabinet minister, who also owns football club Buriram United, said the circuit was almost complete and would organise its first international racing event, the Super GT, from Oct 4-5.

    Good article in the sports section of the Bangkok Post.

    I do apologize .Thanks havn' t checked .

  3. Ok, in all seriousness now...I am not mocking or being sarcastic or anything like that:

    Do you guys really think that the situation is that severe that they monitor a forum / Internet ( let alone English Forum ) and go find the IP of a random guy that said it seems like its an inside job? And after getting his IP go to his residence to arrest and charge him with...what? Then throw the foreigner in an overcrowded jail?

    Or is it that you think they will do things that doesn't quite follow the law?

    I would be very interested why all so serious about the situation that he posted. If it is too delicate to answer here, a PM would be appreciated if its not too much trouble xhuh.png.pagespeed.ic.6VcCaNwNXg.png

    He may be accused for what? . Defamation of a government employee., Because he certainly has no proof. All just guesses.

  4. Seems to me mate that you are not taking this thing seriously, you obviously feel that you are one of those people that think "they can never trace me". I am sure that is what the yaba dealers that were caught thought. By the way the ones that didn't get tipped off, are regarded as collateral damage.

    I'm taking that very seriously and regret it that I even mentioned it. Of course is the chief of police not involved, nor his police officers.

    They're all innocent and no students in Uthum are addicted, nor do little girls and boys sell their bodies,only receiving some red pills for it.

    I apologize for making this up.

    You can't call it anymore stupidity. You are looking for trouble and strife and not think of it that you can prepare anger to others in your area. Why do not you just calm or keep your mouth shut

  5. I feel sorry for the instructor and my deepest respect for the family .Another life is lost by the stupid , crazy American Law about weapons. How many more people have to die before they will change the law. Nobody have to have a gun in his household and kids not even allowed to touch a weapon.

  6. A short update, or our Happy End.

    We could stay more than three months at the nice older lady's house, who treated us like her relatives. I'm more than thankful ,as we could find a decent house now.

    I was pretty much speechless, as family from Europe had sent some money to buy some new furniture and we're more than happy about our new place in Sisaket town.

    4 K/month, but big, two bathrooms, carport, etc..three air conditioners, a nice neighborhood, the right one a lawyer, the left one a cop..


    Opposite my wife's cousin. Got my own office and life's enjoyable again. Nice to have that feeling again to actually drive home.

    That on the other hand wouldn't be as it is without our Angel " Babette.", who'd told us that we could live at her house for so long.

    It's always nice to have friends,.even when it's mostly people you'd never think they are. And those you'd thought they were, aren't.

    There're many days where I din't see any light at the end of the tunnel. Wish all "Isaanjeros" a great time in this wonderful place called Isaan.- wai2.gif

    Hope it's not a floodarea again because not only you had problems these time. But you Know for sure all places to live. I still don't get your point with the topic and that all this happend to you with all your knowledge. May you just been looking for sympathy ?

  7. Anybody seen any IPA beers for sale in NE Thailand? IPA = India Pale Ale. They are very popular in the US now.

    Last time I saw IPA at Staffords in Prasat/Surin , thats on the way to Kap Choen

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  8. Last time I was in Khorat on an election day, a lot of expats at the hotel were complaining that they could not buy a beer in a restaurant or bar.

    Some of these guys looked and acted like they really NEEDED that beer.

    I didn't care much, but said it would be nice to get a cold beer on a hot day.

    Walking down the street about an hour later, the door of a small shop opened and one of the expats from earlier signaled for me to come inside.

    I went in.

    He lead me to the back room where he shop keeper had set up a table where a half dozen expats sat enjoying their cold beer.

    My favorite Thai quote: " when you have an erection in Thailand, you can't drink beer! "

    I guess it applies to some birthdays too!

    Why you can't drink with an ERECTION ?

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  9. Stop posting about the issue. I think I had the first one and got it from a Platinum member : **** Content in violation of fair use policy removed **** just by but links from international papers,

  10. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-24897805 and ICJ: Promontory bearing Phra Viharn belongs to Cambodia

    **** Content in violation of fair use policy removed ****

  11. Thank you for all the kind words.

    It won't be a piece of cake ( pun intended smile.png ) to follow in Johns footsteps, but we look forward to this opportunity and challenge.

    Since we are new to Ubon...and Thailand for that fact, please give us some time to find the correct business contacts to revamp the website ( www.peppersbakery.com ) and a few other things.

    As John mentioned in an earlier post, that we come from the hospitality Industry in the US. However, we are originally from Germany, so Bread and other bakery goods are very important to us as well. Sometime later on my wife, Bee, will join Peppers as well.

    We look forward to stay in Ubon for maaaaaaany years to come and meet a lot of new and interesting people.

    Thank you again John for the opportunity.

    And Andrew, I look forward to meeting you as well. And don't worry, we'll take well care of your baby.


    Hi Julian, you are originally from Germany, does it means I can get Schwarzbrot, Pumpernickel , Laugenbroetchen etc. in the future. My friend in Sisaket (Franks) is looking for it too.

    Have a good time.

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