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  1. Hello i like to know how many Farangpubs, - bars or Restaurants are in Buriram, Surin, Sisaket and Roi Et. Please help me to be updated. Thanks a lot.



    Farang Connection

    M & M's (Norbies)


    Coffee Corner

    Huy Sanang Resovoir

    Green Garden

    Lakeside Guest House

    There is also a Coffee shop in front of Majestic ( English), and a Finnish owned bar opposite Manneroote Hotel.

    There is also an increasing number of Thai establishments that do passable Farang food.

    Thanks alot for the fast reply so i hope that i can get simiular information about the other provinces

  2. Everybody's welcome in Sisaket

    to come on a


    ON THE 23rd OF DEC

    starting from Franks " Livin'in the Past " at 10:00 am.

    The ride will take you to Phayo. Here a second team will join at 10:45 am, to ride to Kantharalak.

    From there a third team will join you.

    And that's when the ride really begins.....!

  3. Some of my friends asked me about Surin that there are maybe some places with Ladyboys (Entertainment,Fishbowl etc.)

    Who can give me some adresses in Surin, Sisaket and Ubon.

    Thanks :o

  4. Hello, I'm looking for different kinds of rum and I hope that someone knows where to buy them in Isaan:

    - Lemon Hart (Jamaica)

    - Caney (Cuba)

    - Legendario (Cuba)

    - Old Pascas (Barbados)

    If not available in Isaan, it would be nice to get information where in Thailand

    Thanks Bushmill

  5. Hi,

    I am shortly moving to Yasothon on an 'O' visa with an intention to obtaining an 'O' marriage

    visa within 3 months of arrival.

    Just a bit of history - UK resident and married to my thai wife, eight years, we are now moving to her

    home village, we have our home built and have a permanent address.

    I am familiar with all the requirements of the visa and hopefully should have no problems.

    However, I am unsure of the nearest Immigration office.

    Could anyone help!!

    Regards Dave :o

    There is one in Phibun Mangsaharn,Ubon Province and another in Khemerat

    Try it

  6. This festival is held every March 15-17 at Somdet Phra Si Nakharin Park when the Lamduan flowers in the park are in full bloom. Shows include cultural performances by 4 tribes, which are Khmer, Suai, Lao, and Yo. There are shops selling handicrafts and a light-and-sound show about the city's construction.

    Source: TAT

    Somdet Phra Si Nakarin Park

    The park is suited in the Si Sa Ket Agricultural College on Kasikam Road, Tambon Nong Khrok, Amphoe Muang. It is about 2 km. from the provincial hall.

    Somdet Phra Sri Nakarin Park Si Sa Ket was built by the people of Si Sa Ket and the Ministry of Education to celebrate the 60th birthday anniversary of H.R.H. The Princess Mother. Approximately 237 rai (379,200 sq. meters) of the Si Sa Ket Agricultural College was used for the park which is a natural forest area and the only forest in Thailand that has a dense concentration of Lamduan flowers, giving the forest a pleasant aroma from February to April. The Lamduan flower is a plant of historical significance for Si Sa Ket as it gave the city its old name of "Si Nakhon Lamduan". When they blossom as the same time, he forest turns soft yellow and the Lamduan leaves impart a sweet smell that lasts for months. Thus, the Lamduan flower is regarded as the provincial flower if Si Sa Ket.

    Source: Isan.sawadee.com


    Sorry but this year there will not be the ususal celebrated Festival in Sisaket.Respect to the Princess.

    There are some activities every weekend but by the provincial goverment is no plan for a big firework or show as usual.

  7. Hello, is there someone who knows where are dairy farms in Isaan and what kind of dairy products they produce. Sell they to everybody or only wholesellers.

    I remember that, a couple of years ago, in Burirum a guy made and sold Briestyle cheese but I lost the phone-number. There must be also another farm in Khon Khaen but i can't find the place.

    For any information many thanks

  8. GG bars in most cities.

    Successful? if you ask the Thais , they'll probably say yes, and then you know the correct answer is no :D:o

    hi bergen, you are mind telling me and the others, where are the GoGo-Bars in Surin, Sisaket, Ubon Buriram, Roi- Et and, and and

  9. Hi lots of questions for you very helpful Buriram ex pats :

    I see PB air fly from BKK but is it to Satuek or a different airport?

    Some say Thai Airways fly to Buriram but their website does not acknowledge this??

    Looking to rent a house 3 beds, nice modern place around Buriram any leads or contacts? My wife will be in Buriram next week or week after and would like to look at some houses for rent wih a view to securing something from December 1st this year if anybody has a property or could put us in touch with someone that would be great.

    Fitness centres/spas? ( BTW saw a nice open air pool in Lam plai mart)

    SCB bank in Buriram is where in the city? (near to/ opposite etc)

    Golf: Went to the 9 hole course near the lovely large buddha, but was wondering if any other courses say within an hour (the Korat courses seem superb but too far away), apparently a 9 hole in Surin, worth a visit?

    Architect/builder/pool design + build - any reputable names worthy of passing on?

    Many thanks in advance

    Mike :o

    Hi Mike, why you not check out all your questions at the Burirum Topic , I think you can find some answers there.

    I know by own experience how difficult at is in a new place ?

  10. Hello I'm gere in Thailand noew 7 Month and in the Village where I live , they offered me a job as an Englishteacher. I read enough about all the qualifications and that's not the problem. But i heard many different meanings about the monthly salery and i wouldt like to know now where i can find proper infos. Is there any min. wage e.x. 45000 or 50000 Bt/Month because these is what i heard?



    Maybe that's the last question i can make but i have to ask you:

    I would like to know had you in the past a problem with Germans or you simply dislike them? I think that at the BBQ-Party in Surin are some Germans.

    That I'm a native german speaker dosn't mean i am a german.

  11. Hello, it's me again. Thanks for all the replies.

    Yes, i'm aware of all the misspelling but i don't care.

    I think that there are some missunderstandings and i like to make it more understandable .

    First of all, i never told the people that i'm a native english speaker and i think that our villagepeople understand .

    We made an agreement that i try yo teach the children there only in very basic english and most of it in conversation. The payment is in total 1500 Baht/month because i don't want the money but the director will not get lessons for free.

    My question wasn't how much i can earn. I asked what is the real salary for foreign teachers.

    Is there any written law in Thailand which says that foreign teachers can't earn less then 50000 Baht/month.

    The reason why i asked , because i heard many arguments about the salary. I'm aware about the situation , that most of the schools can't afford to pay the salary which they supposed to pay than.

    The question was and is not answered yet.

  12. Most small villages who cannot even afford to hire a native speaker (who spoke English before going to kindergarten), might have 20,000 salary, 9 or 10 months per year. No benefits probably; no work permit, no visa extension as a teacher, etc., illegal. If you tink you dont knead to sprach Engrich fruently, go for it.

    Sir, anywhere on ThaiVisa except the teaching forum, to anybody except someone enquiring about teaching English, your lack of skills in English would be no problem at all. However, here and in this context, we have to point out that your apparent command of English is inadequate.

    PB..look at his name..Bushmill..mmm..coincidence?

    What's wrong with the name. My friend owns two ricemills in the jungle and we call them our bushmills. That's all. Think before you started jugdements.

  13. Hello I'm gere in Thailand noew 7 Month and in the Village where I live , they offered me a job as an Englishteacher. I read enough about all the qualifications and that's not the problem. But i heard many different meanings about the monthly salery and i wouldt like to know now where i can find proper infos. Is there any min. wage e.x. 45000 or 50000 Bt/Month because these is what i heard?


  14. Hi,

    yesterday 07.06.2007 i heard from one Govermentofficial that Tesco-Lotos start building in Kantharalak and that Makro startet already in Sisaket Tanon Ubon direction Ubon.

    So maybe it's easier for shopping.

  15. Question for people all over Esarn

    Just curious how long you have been out there? It doesn't seem like the easiest place to live as a lot of the time it is hot and pretty dry. Living out there many of the farangs there probably have difficulty getting some of the things they are used to abroad. So how long have you been in the northeast?

    BTW I just visit there ( Surin province ) for a week or so now and then. I can tell you when I go most of the time the sun gets to me when I ride motorcycles around because I'm pretty fair-skinned. I think it would be pretty hard for someone fair-skinned to be comfortable out there unless he had a car, air-con and avoided the sun.

    I just can's understand all this i . e . " in the boonies " ,. Nobody is pushing you to live here and when it's so important to get ground coffee or all other western important stuff, why not chose the big cities.

    I'm here now 22 years and when i need some think, there are friendswho can bring it for me from the big markets or i get it in Pattaya , Bangkok or others.

    People which like to stay in Isaan shouldt first off all think about it why they will special stay here. Only because it is do much cheaper ?

  16. I like all this information i get here but is there an Free programm which translates a whole website from Thai in english simular you have babelfish, google or others ??? Because these programms are not translating Thai


  17. Online Dictionaries & Thai Language Resources












    http://www.thaiware.com/main/info.php?id=3342 (for Thais learning english)

    Thanks to the following for compiling the information:

    Bambina, Lopburiguy, Gifuto, Withnail, RDN, SawWow, and Katana

    Everything you need to install Thai<>English translation tools within Firefox. (from The Other Mac)


    The Conquery plug-ins for FireFox are great, but if any of you are Mac users and prefer to use Safari, you might be interested in what looks to be a really good plug-in that offers similar functions for Safari. It's called "AcidSearch", and you can read about it at http://www.pozytron.com/acidsearch (from Andrew Mac)

    I like all this information i get here but is there an programm which translates a whole website from Thai in english simu;ar you have babelfish, google or others ???

  18. Hey,

    why don't you just e-mail the distributer for Thailand and ask?

    there e-mail is info@beerlaobangkok.com

    They supply all locations/distributors in Thailand.



    Thank you...........done just that. Cheers

    I tried the same but i still wait for an answer. Maybe they are niot interested selling beer in Isaan ?

  19. Hello,

    i ope that I can get some information about workpermit.

    I stay here in Thailand with an Retired Visa so that means I have no Problem to be here, but a friend of mine (Thai ) owns an Pub with Livemusic. Now he ask me , that it's maybe possible to enyoy the band once or twice the week and play guitar and sing some songs.

    So much I know, is any kind of work ( with or without payment ) without Workpermit not allowed. I like to be in the Law so is it possible to get a WP only for a couple of hours , making music and no payment.

    What I have to do.

    Thank you for advice


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