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  1. My first time in Sisaket coming very soon.

    Any 'cool' places to eat in the evening in or near Sisaket ? (I will have a car and a Thai friend for directions....)

    Farang and local food info welcome

    Most of my day time will be spent in Khun Han village


    For a Starter, Northeast is o.K, but there are some more places to go.

    Frank's & Nong's Livin' in the Past Pizza, Italianstyle Pizza , Steaks, European Food, and the best Schnitzel in Town (Map G1)

    Willy's Restauranr Western Food, Stewed Beef ( C6)

    Ginnery, Restaeurant & Karaoke Nightclub ThaiFood(F1)

    Sugar Pub Rest. & Bar LiveMusic Bikers Meeting Point (C3)

    P.S.House Steaks and Thai Food(F5)

    If you like to Know more about Sisaket visit Franks he can give you many Infos and Maps


  2. Hello,

    I have a biiiiiiiiiiig Question . I'm lookin for pictures from Sisaket ( Town, Province, Villagelife ) to help a friend of mine who is building up a website about sisaket.

    Maybe some of yours can support us and if possible old ( 30 years ago ) or new pict's.



    It must not be for free. please send E-mail


  3. As you leave Sisaket on the Ubon Rd, just after passing through the stone "gate posts" if you look to the right you will see a large building site set back - I am told that is to be the new Tesco for Sisaket.

    So than you will have 2 Tesco in Sisaket, that's sound crazy or maybe it becomes true: Kantaralak wil be an own Province, we will see

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