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  1. i hope the farmers that grow it get all the market will pay for it, they earned it.
  2. thats beautiful, is fishing allowed there? looks to be great hiking as well
  3. another bike crime where no plates on the bike, I see these and wonder why the cops don't stop and confiscate these bikes when they see them on the road. Most aare up to no good and that is why they remove the plates. The couple jewelry snatched in patts, the activist attacked in bkk in broad daylighite, the list goes on and on.
  4. i think if the soldiers had strykers then the story would be different.. four to six insurgents against the stryker would have not slowed them down in the pursuit, and maybe if the stryker or another had been at the base as well, the insurgents would have been eliminated, it is well accepted that in afghan and iraq that they would not confront a stryker.
  5. Well Tom this is hard to say, but with no money to your name maybe you should just bite the bullet and accept that your days are numbered and go peaceably into the nite. Do you think yoour friends. etc. should spend their limited funds to prolong your life?
  6. did the house master not file a tm 30, should be fined at lot of baht.
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