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  1. Looking at some of the reports, especially the BBC, I'm sure they don't watch the game but look at the final score and build their summaries around it. What I saw was a Chelsea team that didn't sit back but tried to go toe to toe with Bayern. OK, we were predictively outclassed in the end but, for 75 minutes, there was a lot to like about the way we set about the task. 2-1 at half time to them which could have been 2-2 if Tammy had shorter legs, I thought it was a decent first half performance. We started the second half well, pushing them back but they weathered that storm and class told in the last 15 minutes, when we became shoddy and mentally knackered. Individually, plenty of players can be pleased with the way they played. I read that Kante and Kovacic had "off nights" but, bar Kova getting closed down and robbed in our half which led to their goal (your overall game doesn't hinge on one mistake, does it?), I thought they both did well overall, as did Barkley, James, H/Odoi, and Emerson. Zouma was very good in defence, making plenty of last ditch tackles while Christensen had a poor game and Caballero could have done better with the Perisic goal. Tammy needs to get out of his system, this habit of throwing his arms in the air and trotting on that extra two yards into no mans land when things don't go right for him or he doesn't get the ball he wanted. Buckle down, hide your emotions and get on with it.
  2. That smug look on Taylor's face when he raised the red card did me in.
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