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  1. Yeah, we don't make it difficult enough for the opposition, especially against the in form sides like City and Leicester. Give them the respect they deserve from their position in the League. We've got some very classy players, who are either out of form or not putting it all in for some reason so, how about making the priority to defend and hit teams on the counter, instead of chasing shadows around the pitch? When you're bereft of confidence, the energy and desire isn't there to operate the full press, so sit back, use your head and do them on the break.. It isn't an affront on the skill an
  2. Totally agree about Havertz Keith. There's a bomb under the bloke and when he hits top form, and there have been signs since his Covid lay off, he will be a revelation.
  3. I agree that we should try a system change cobber, but the biggest problem is an edginess, a lack of confidence wafting through the team hence the constant crossfield, mundane passing . All safety first <deleted> football with no edge except when Mount or Kovacic were on the ball. I never thought that Chilwell was the answer to our left back position and nothing he has done since has changed my mind. He plays his football from an armchair. He's devoid of pace and hides when the going gets tough. It sounds like I'm talking about Alonso. Azpilicueta may be on the wane but his attitude and
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