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  1. Housekeeping visits every 2x days to clean your room, change towels, bathrobes etc. They send you a message the day before letting you know what time. Mine has been 13:00 each time and they escort you to a separate room with TV, tea/coffee and a cake whilst you wait for them to finish.
  2. You do not get searched at all when checking in at the ASQ hotel, upon check in at the Landmark there was a Nurse present to take my COVID test, she asked if I had any medication to which I replied no and that was it. I think you are allowed medication with you but just need to register it with Bumingrad who are the hospital that the Landmark use for their ASQ package. I also had a duty free bag with me containing 2 bottles of single malt, nothing was said about that and they would have easily been spotted by check in staff. They did explain the rules, no consumption of alcohol or raw meat/sea
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