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  1. Can you tell me the name of the seller; he told me, but i didn't quite catch it. The prices he initially gave me 3500/3600 was for the tires only. We didn't discuss total price because I wasn't ready to purchase. By the way, do you know what he charges for balancing and mounting a new set of tires? I always tip for good service.
  2. I bought the bike in October 2017 from my neighbor's wife after her husband's passing. The bike was bought brand new in 2013 and only had 4 kilometers, yes 4 kilometers on the odometer when I purchased it hence the low mileage. The tires were 4 years old at the time I purchased it, but they still had the new tire paint and rubber tits on them. They have less than 2000 kilometers on them now, but my reason for replacing them was due to their age, now 5 1/2 years old, although they still look to be in perfect condition as the bike has always been parked in an enclosed garage, first his and then my garage. I could probably still use them, but I think I would prefer to replace them as a safety measure. Plus, I have heard nothing, but negative comments about the original equipment IRC Road Winner tires. The IRC iz-s Super Sport 99 tires he is selling were manufactured in 2018, but the Michelin Pilot Streets were manufactured in 2017. I'm kind of leaning towards the IRC's, but haven't ruled out an alternative; still searching and looking for recommendations. Thanks,
  3. Yeah, I didn't catch his name, but he did seem very knowledgeable about the products that he sold from what I could understand; we did have a slight communication problem when discussing the performance factors of the tire models. He seemed to express that the IRC iz's were the best tire for the money. They are a softer compound than the Pilot Streets. He rated the Pilot Streets as a medium compound and the IRC's as a soft to medium compound. It would be great if they were a dual compound like the Pirelli Angel GT's which I think are the best bang for the buck, but unfortunately not available in the size I need for my CBR; they would be a great choice for a CBR 300 or larger. Searching on the internet, I couldn't find much information either on the IRC iz's and all of the YouTube videos were in Thai so not much help there either. I did check out 29tire.com, but still, there aren't many tires, especially the front tire, that are available for the CBR unless I go up a size which I don't really want to do. I think that the iz's might be a good tire, but being an IRC tire, I just want to make sure that they would be a significant improvement over my original IRC road winners RX-01 tires especially in the rain or rain slicked roads. I'm also curious, being that these have a softer compound as to how long will they last. For Baht 3,500 plus mounting, it's not all that much out of pocket to give them a try, but I'm going to search a little more before committing, maybe take a look at Bridgestone. What are you running on your CBR?
  4. I decided to replace the original IRC tires on my CBR-150R. The tires have low mileage, but are 5 years old. The tread is very deep, hardly worn and the sidewalls still look like new, now cracks or any signs of wear, but since they are old and from what I have read on this forum, the IRC's aren't very popular, I figured that I would replace them. I drove down to the Pirelli tire shop just past the Maxis tire store on Sukumvit to check out what was available. My CBR has 100/80/17 on the front and 130/70/17 on the back. The only tire sets he had that would fit my back were the Michelin Pilot Street and the IRC izs Sport S-99. He had a lot of Pirelli tires, angel GT's, but not in the size needed. I was all ready to buy the Michelin, but when I asked if they were the Pilot Street radials, he said that they were bias ply tires. I had been reading reviews of the Pilot Streets and the radials were rated much better. I asked about them; he looked them up and they were double the price of the bias ply pilot streets. Actually, he was pushing the IRC izs tires claiming that they were a better tire than the pilot streets. I mentioned to him that most reviews of IRC tires were not so favorable, but he said that this model was much better, night and day, better than the Road Winners that came originally on my bike. The IRC izs sport s-99 set costs Baht 3,500 and the pilot streets costs Baht 3,600. Searching the internet, it appears that Pirelli doesn't offer the Angel GT's in the size I need. The closest he had was 110/70/17 and 140/70/17. In the US, the pilot street radials are only slightly more expensive than the radial model. I saw this video comparing sportbike tires using a KTM RC390. I found it odd that the Michelin pilot street radials finished in last place whereby the IRC Road Winner RX01, my original CBR tires finished just ahead of them. Anyway, I would appreciate your recommendations. I'm not in a rush as my original IRC tires are still in great shape, but due to their age, I would like to eventually change them out. Thanks,
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