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  1. Most likely, the workload planning is based on the scheduled flights. Therefore, delayed flights could impose a huge stress on their workload.(just one A380 adding additional 850 passengers) On the other hand, Singapore Changi with its 62 mio passengers in 2018 is comparable to Suvarnabhumi with 63 mio passengers in 2018 - and there, I never experienced something like that, even in high season. But the Singaporeans also constantly expanded their capacity. - Whereas (afaik) BKK is still handling those 63 mio with an airport designed for 45 mio passengers (and an extension expected to be ready in 2025). For sure, adding additional immigration requirements -10 finger scans- without being able to extend the immigration facilities added to the problems. They most likely did not foresee the stupidity of some tourists... Had that experience myself, when returning from Europe through the Fasttrack, normally a thing of 3-4 minutes. Took the wrong queue- in front of me 2 small arabian groups and 2 Chinese couples. I expected already the worst, when they needed nearly 15 minutes to get through the finger scan. — But No! The finger scan worked fine, a few seconds, and I passed it.
  2. in all my hotel stays during the last year, they requested my passport and made a copy, even in the deep provinces...
  3. Yes, I did several times - no problem with doing that. The entry stamp is, what counts.
  4. Right - but it does not cover everything involved! With the hotel reporting you, they created evidence that you staid away ... So, when returning, you have to report your return to immigration with TM30 again. (Not my opinion - statement from CM immigration officers at a meeting in our condo) edit: sorry for stating this twice, @simon43 was faster...
  5. Do you have a Thai residency? No - you retirement „visa“ is only a visa exemption - so you are here on a temporary basis.
  6. Unfortunately, that high cultural level is long gone in Egypt ... nowadays, they only know the Quran. Quran (4:24) - "And all married women (are forbidden unto you) save those (captives) whom your right hands possess." Stupid as many are, they consider all Thai as pagans and therefore, slave material. Unfortunately, this <deleted> did not realize, a roti vendor in Phuket is most likely also a muslim - so the Thai‘s reponse was just the same, the Egyptian would have given in Egypt, if someone would have behaved like that to one of his wives 555
  7. All that Thai bashing as expected. When you go to Rome, do as the Romans do ... I wonder, what had happened, if they would have done that in an islamic tourist destination like Morocco, Algeria, Turkey, Egypt, Dubai ... for sure, they wouldn’t have gotten away with just a little fine of £ 13.
  8. I was also talking about Thailand. IMO, the majority of tourists give a shit about the P.C. application of democracy. That’s, why I mentioned the other countries. Weather, cost, crime rate are far more important factors.
  9. You are living in CM? Expect , that your place is quickly filled up by Chinese from the mainland! They live with it and find their way around it. More and more are buying property here and staying longer - the CM property bubble is mainly fueled by Chinese. Even well-off Thais are starting already to complain about the fees at International Schools - there are hordes of Chinese sending their kids to International Schools in CM, because they are still cheaper than in China.
  10. Dream a little bit more! Vietnam and Cambodia on the rise ... People travelling to Egypt, Dubai, Africa ...
  11. It is raining season and in the northern hemisphere it is summer! Which farang, except some Australians from the southern hemisphere, travel to Thailand in the low season? And Farang spending more money than the 10 million Chinese ? - Here in the North, I see them shopping like crazy, whereas the Farang are mostly only taking photos. And Chinese spending was ahead of all other nations, 536 billion THB, acc. to KKB. They are also leading the expenditure per day per tourist http://www.thaiwebsites.com/tourism-income-Thailand.asp I suggest to also check this article, showing the enormous increase since 2009 in Asian tourists compared to western tourists:
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