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  1. Yep !!! And a rather weird flight plan: - Jul 6, start in Egypt - fly to the UAE - Jul 7, from UAE to Pakistan - Jul 8, they do not just fly plain eastward to Chengdu, they fly 1000s of miles SE-ward to Thailand - Jul 9, they fly northward to Chengdu and return to Utapo before midnight - Jul 10 they stay in Rayong - Jul 11, they finally return to Egypt (seemingly directly) So what did these 31 Egypt military guys had to “discuss” in these 4 countries, what did the airplane transport and what freight did they unload where ??? ... add in to that the CCSA cancelled 8 (in letters: eight !!! ) similar flights in July, planned by Egypt military staff ... So we are not talking about a nice visit to see old allies again There’s more behind this story ... What’s really going on there ?
  2. depending on the country ... However, getting out is normally not a problem. eg. Lufthansa BKK-FRA 3 flights per week (works, a friend did that 2 weeks ago) Qatar, going via DOH, offering daily flights.
  3. What is the evidence, it will be a flea pit hotel? 100 m from my condo is a hotel, where they quarantined 3 bus loads of returnees. It’s a “Mercure” - not a top hotel, but for sure also not a “flea pit” ...
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