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  1. Lots of interesting thing come up for FREE, myself look every day for years + downloaded some... Today is a FREE VPN Licence .......... https://www.giveawayoftheday.com
  2. When you come in regardless to what Visa/Extension you have you have to put your address down TM6.. so say that is entered into Immigration computer.. TM 28 = same... 90 day reporting = same.... TM 30 = same.... Local area Headman has copy of my passport copy of Blue House book, Town Hall has copy for Passport/ Visa / Extension, and on there Computer since 2004.. [OK that is fine as any Official paperwork wanted is easy Proof of address to do and paperwork in there PC is up-to-date + ALL paperwork in FREE and done while you wait] [[ sure saves going to Immigration to try to get Official paperwork Proof of address @ 500 baht per copy]] The question is why is the TM 30 even needed, they already have it 3 times. the TM 30 makes it 4 times ?? So have to agree.. we live in a Country 'controlled by a military dictatorship'
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