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  1. On another Post this month https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1146631-single-language-windows-10-laptops-in-los/ So looks like if you install in English then you will always have English....... No idea if the Thai to English Translation would work, myself you it a lot....
  2. One thing stands out [ Windows 10 Home Single Language 64 ] if your buying in Thailand then the SINGLE Language will be Thai, the only way to get English or any other Language will be to buy Windows 10 PRO
  3. True as many people do not fix the problems..... Live in a small Village, had house built in 2003, moved in 2004, since have had the problem many times, managed to fix every time, + about 3 years ago took the pump out and took to the Farm machine shop for a full service.. about 12 years ago found/ hear a leak under the downstair bathroom, re did all the plumbing to the outside, and sealed off the old pipes Just started doing it again, close inspection = 2 of my 5 outside taps are dripping when off + a small drip from the joint from the pump.. Most o
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