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  1. Surely this is called transphobia, not homophobia.
  2. Probably passengers from the train.
  3. Facebook, that bastion of integrity.
  4. More victims of the war on drugs.
  5. It looks like a strip off a banana leaf.
  6. That member of the crew should have hs ass chewed.... Wait....He should be given a stiff talking to....no...He should get a bollocking.... Hold on.... Someone should give him a mouthful. Hang on....Someone should have a go at him... Oh, I give up.
  7. A restaurant owner in a foreign country at the age of 20? Some going.
  8. It says used panties. Do they mean second hand or recently worn? If the latter, how did he get them?
  9. Has there been an epidemic of drunk cyclists recently?
  10. seahorse

    Mother let baby drown: police

    And you get the usual "poor woman" responses when this kind of thing happens. Can you imagine this thread if it had been a man?
  11. seahorse

    Prince Philip, 97, escapes unhurt from car crash

    Were any paparazzi trying to take photographs of him at the time of the accident?