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  1. You don't seem to have a clue chum. How many of the people referred to here have been paying agencies and "officials"? Tell us in six or twelve months time how many agencies have closed and how many "officials" prosecuted, fired or moved to inactive posts.
  2. So anybody who has a different experience to you is a neurotic liar with a wild imagination.
  3. 1) Try border. 2) I once entered at Sri Racha (could have been Laem Chabang) on a cargo ship, no problem but that was about 15 years ago long before all the current nonsense.
  4. But elvajero says that is like turkey looking forward to Christmas. He says best as It is because some/many do well out of it. Presumably those who are refused are just collateral damage.
  5. Love it every time I hear or see "they should", shows a great lack of knowledge and understanding. Almost as good as "why".
  6. Where do you meet people like that? Or are you just repeating myths?
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