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  1. I always pick and choose to adhere to the female tenants myself, but each to their own.
  2. Apartheid was introduced in South Africa after independence. The disaster of Zimbabwe started after independence. Uganda's 'Amin created' problems occurred after independence. Europe was almost devastated by WWII but people have got on with it, so I do not understand how Egypt as a nation have such strong feelings after Suez. Vietnam as a nation is not a hotbed of anti-Americanism or Francophobes. India/Pakistan, I am not familiar with the details.
  3. The initial document stated (I think) "applies to extensions issued after 1st March." So extensions issued before this date are not affected. But if the IO says the new rules apply now we all know who will win.
  4. You have to be joking. "Play mother to expats" where do you get that from.? I have had good experiences at a small office where the staff (well one in particular) have been friendly, informative and helpful but still wanting copies of things never previously mentioned. But also I have known them to be surly, unhelpful and seriously awkward in other places. Judging by posts on here many have had experiences of the latter. "Play mother"? Are you deliberately trying to destroy your credibility.?
  5. Agents and an advisor to the agents? I never knew that, so why are we still so much in the dark? So there are still people who keep their superior knowledge to themselves and do not gob off to the world about it. Amazing. In the land of the blind the one-eyed man is best off keeping his mouth shut and just getting on with it
  6. Despite my earlier frivolous response, I am occasionally the same. With me it is the heat, never bothered me before must be the ageing process. Only practical answer for me is to stay somewhere cool between 12 and 4. And no not a bar.
  7. OP you speak of semantics and then later go on to say Marriage Visa. Your idea of semantics is to describe things accurately. As was said the school needs to approach the labour office.
  8. He is not saying he does not believe you, he just feels that whichever WP or visa it eas that you were travelling on was a multi-entry whether you realised it or not. He is asking you to show it for the sake of clarification. If you exit the country on a single-entry visa that visa is then cancelled.
  9. It is whatever the issuer says it is, when the issuer says it is a visa it will be a visa. But not before.
  10. Perhaps you should tell them, because no matter what they call it if that stamp in the passport does not say visa then it is NOT a visa.
  11. Change the vest more often and wash the commode out daily. Dashed good for morale.
  12. This of course is true. When I do not instinctvely argue with elvajero perhaps it is a sign that I need to drink more. 3 large Leo in "cocktail hour" obviously totally inadequate.
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