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  1. Sorry, already answered in a thread on World News forum. And the answer is ir starts on the 9th of June.
  2. To me it looks more and more as though the job is too much fo him but he does not want to resign and is hoping if he screws up enough he will be forced out.
  3. For UK passport holders, has it already started or does it start in June?
  4. Who else can return? Diplomatic passport holders, work permit holders (so it was announced initially) and.........? There will obviously be exceptions to such a broad rule. But please do tell.
  5. You seem to be a well-sorted individual but what are all these problems you have that require constant offers of help?
  6. Would there be something wrong with that?
  7. Not when I last went they weren't. I am since told it looks like it is being knocked down. Though he could have just seen a major refurb and got the wrong end of the stick.
  8. And do you personally know many people living in these circumstances? There must be many here in Pattaya but I have not seen any moaning and groaning about their lot, anyone over 70 realises they are better here than the UK. At least here you can get out when you want, walk, shop go to a caff for tea or coffee. And you can even buy drink again.
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