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  1. Neither set of forecasters stated what their figures were based on. That is, when they expected a relaxation of entry requirements and what this relaxation would entail.
  2. Well there are conflicting reports and as we are all fearless seekers of the truth we demand to be told.!!! And pretty quick too.!!! I hate to differ Sheryl but "they" started it by mentioning her nationality in the first place. And the second place.
  3. It was reported that she had been to the French Embassy in Bangkok.
  4. True but the people who are making the sacrifices to ensure this are the small business owners and the low-income Thais who work in them. Politicians, bureaucrats, national and local government employees etc are relatively unaffected
  5. Well you don't make sense. This is a Thailand forum and when you say you have lived here for 45 years I assumed you meant Thailand.
  6. Yes I do know that, but if you read his posts it is being used as a plural.
  7. Well your posts don't scan very well, it's as though youre not a native English speaker. The plural of wife is wives. So is wife's the way you are taught in Aussie schools, never seen it before. As you have not been back since the first page I suspect you are just trolling.
  8. I wonder which countries these 9 day mass tourists come from,sorry to be anecdotal but I have yet to meet any. Do the statistics say they are big spenders.? No need to reply, I am not having a go just wondering.
  9. I know many from the UK who are self employed, subcontractors, retirees etc, ie the snowbird typese, who spend long periods here annually. If Visas and COE were available they would be here sharpish.
  10. Are you sure about that, many spend up to 6 months a year here and would regard the quarantine as a minor inconvenience.
  11. No practical, tangible proposals though. With spikes in so many countries, where would they come from.?
  12. So TVF is still populated by independent, silent Marlborough Man types. Probably thinking of the good old days when they could smoke a Strand.
  13. Last time I was in that Soi most places were pretty empty. Can't think of one with an upstairs.
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