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  1. It is hot, but rain forecast for tomorrow and the next few days. So it should happen sometime soon. And yes.
  2. Ha ha climbing down now. Not as crabby as he was earlier on.
  3. Another obnoxious and offensive post.
  4. Having spent many years in the bars and Sois of the Pattaya "ghetto" I have seen little to no evidence of drugs, exploitation and depression. As for not liking customers I would say that Thais can hate foreigners as much as the next person.
  5. Thai people in Pattaya are basically doing what they need to do in order to make a living in a country with no welfare state. . Same as those outside Pattaya, but people here have different choices.
  6. So as per #1 what happens to vaccinated tourists prepared to quarantine, after 30th June.? Logically they would carry on as previously but the above does not read that way.
  7. You would have it the same as Milton Keynes and Warrington New Town then. The Chinese, Indians and Russians would still come as they know no better. Of course the centre looks pretty sad, the place exists because of foreign tourism and foreign tourists have been subject to heavy entry restrictions for a year, making them almost non-existent.
  8. Because of one nutter you denigrate two nations as having many idiots. That is where the "race card" came from. If you do not see that as a racist slur, that is your problem.
  9. You are interested in making sense now. Insulting people because of their nationality is racist. Ask a fenian.
  10. Another racist post. Obviously both countries need more big-headed, loudmouthed know-it-alls not unlike yourself.
  11. They were not Brits. So pack your small minded, smug, sanctimonious bigotry and hatred and off ye go. I'm not going anywhere.
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