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  1. Noted with thanks Sheryl. Just had a quick look at their web site and it mentions 15% family discount. Will explore further.
  2. Hi all. I have had a look at some of the many earlier related threads, including views of resident expert Sheryl (thank you). We are an Australian family of 3, all in good health, looking to progressively move to Thailand depending of various factors like selling our home here (if you are looking then message me ). We also do some travelling, so worldwide cover would be useful. The clock is ticking though, re: insurance, with my 60th birthday looming. At this point I am focussing on two options, AETNA and Cigna. With AETNA would probably go with THB 5million cover (Platinum Plan). One slight negative with Cigna is no local office and the need to pay in UK or USA money, meaning ongoing currency conversion and bank fees. Oh, and their fees are already significantly higher to start with. Neither seem to offer family policies though AETNA would provide us with an overall 10% discount. I don't think either would require medical examinations. Views anyone? Thanks in anticipation
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