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  1. Baht will always trump safety in Thailand. China has banned all tours to foreign lands; a bit like locking the barn door after the Covid horse has bolted. Thailand does it all the time; wait for a disaster then try to do something about it later.
  2. Business men here to buy up Thai businesses and property at knockdown prices after first delivering the knockdown Covid punch to the world.
  3. It'll never work. All bureaucratic jobs are awarded not earned so there is a sense of entitlement from the senior officers. Considering the little people AKA the customer is beneath them.
  4. Right hand v Left hand. Rules are made up on the spot; then ignored; then not enforced; it's Thainess.
  5. Slammed /catapulted/lost control. Suggests another accident caused by excessive speed.
  6. Except when they shut down the airport; except when the barricades went up in central Bangkok; oh and the arson at Central World. He obviously missed the recent History class. What A-Nut-in the cabinet!
  7. The numbers are edging up as the 2nd wave begins; it's no coincidence it happens on the day the Chinese are allowed back in.
  8. Didn't see any children coming on this holiday. This is either a TAT publicity stunt to justify their questionable existence or a group of well-heeled business men who are going to scoop up cut-price Thai businesses/properties like prawns at a buffet.
  9. Thais are slow learners particularly where Health & Safety rules are concerned. The 42 seater bus mentioned above had 80 passengers aboard! No wonder its undercarriage got stuck on the crossing. Will anyone be prosecuted for selling 40 surplus tickets?
  10. I thought I had married a decent Thai lady but she connived with the audit company to alter share holdings so she owned more shares than me. I signed all the Thai documents in my innocence and trust. My farang children lost a chunk of their inheritance.
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