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  1. Mine has been frozen for nearly 14 years, my vote would be expensive. If I fled to Spain would it become unfrozen?
  2. After robbing me of my 'Company' house, my ex-wife has just married a Swede and is living with him in my former house. I agree with the Barnum 'quote' above; my ex has found two suckers already.
  3. Hard to see where the other 21% is coming from? Staff discounts?
  4. But he's only a Thai expert so he knows nothing. I know as much about the human body as most Thai doctors and I studied General Science in 1958. My long-term GF had an ear infection (caused by using earplugs to hear/watch films on her phone - I think.) The doctor at a Pattaya hospital said it was an STD! He showed me photos he got from the internet!
  5. CCTV in Pattaya only works selectively and then only to help Plod come to the right conclusion for them.
  6. Like justice and equality, health care is another sacrifice to the Great Baht God.
  7. Roads are built for traffic not as a dog sanctuary. I must conclude from the paucity of evident brain cells that you are a dog lover, or worse, owner. How can ANYONE defend roaming stray dogs on a highway?
  8. It is possible to love a place whilst being aware of its faults: packs of dogs spread disease and discourage any tourists contemplating a Thai holiday; predatory police; no justice system except for the rich; racism; are all faults which the world at large are becoming more aware of.
  9. Had she not been on the road it would not have happened. If there were no stray dogs she would not have been on the road.
  10. My job application for Auschwitz was rejected on account of my valuing human life more than that of animals. There should be no dogs on the road; the unfortunate victim died because of her kindness. The central thrust of my 1st comment is stray dogs are an unnecessary hazard on already dangerous roads which could be rectified by Thai authorities grasping the nettle. Your name calling shows you have failed to understand the problem & my solution.
  11. Would the woman have been on the road if it were not for a dog? It could have been any driver of any make of car.
  12. Another dog related death. Thais care more about dogs than people. There should be NO dogs anywhere unless on a lead. All others should be euthanized. Thailand is SIXTY years behind UK in this respect.
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