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  1. Self delusion! Justifying his position/salary. If Somchai is not working, he's drinking.
  2. What about eradicating mosquito breeding grounds in Thailand? Thai drainage systems comprise a series of pools of stagnant water which drain into the next down the line as the water level rises. Perfect for the female to lay her 400 eggs.
  3. and traffic indicator lights: down to turn right; up for a left turn: preferably completed 30 metres before turning not mid turn.
  4. I live off Kao Talo. The area is overrun with wild dogs. Can't see two sets of creatures competing for the same garbage. Looks to me like the dogs are winning.
  5. Working meters on ALL Pattaya taxis should be the first priority of the police as they are breaking the LAW of the LAND. Yet I believe ONE arrest has been made. Two sets of mafia in bed with each other.
  6. What will the Chinese tourist make of it? If he disapproves, the ban will disappear.
  7. If they consulted the average somchai he would have come up with the same conclusion as the top lawyer. What amazes me is the police haven't!
  8. The price of Love. 300 for the room; one grand for the lady (ST): so I've heard.
  9. Agreed - hit a stray on the road and fifteen grief stricken Thais will emerge from the woodwork to claim ownership.
  10. Over paid; over-sexed; over here. I'll stop being a 'handsome man' and become 'granddad' again for the duration of their stay.
  11. Blimey - no wonder so many men want to be women in Thailand. It's a lucrative profession.
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