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  1. What sort of evidence can one gather outside? An empty petrol can? A box of matches?
  2. Was the guy a professional photographer at 18? Was he just a guy who paid a model to pose for him?
  3. I can't understand the disbelief behind the story. Thais get drunk all the time and have serious accidents. An armed drunk Thai is equally a menace. I knock Thai police all the time but in this case my sympathies go out to them. Surprised the drunk survived to be charged with murder.
  4. Me too. So they've not made ANY concession despite the downturn in the market. Thai Economics 101.
  5. Blimey - this is the 3rd time I've had to correct myself: the ORIGINAL Corner bar suffered the fate I described. The new one is sited directly opposite the derelict site.
  6. Apologies. It moved across the road from the original site to another bar & re-named itself.
  7. Yet packs of wild dogs are allowed to die diseased all over the place?
  8. Shows how long since I was there. It used to be on the opposite corner.
  9. They were waiting to catch up on their missing protection money.
  10. I love the euphemism of 'single car accident'! It's Thai-speak for another speeding driver high on booze or worse, blaming a passing tree.
  11. The Corner bar was shut down five years ago & demolished. No wonder she's got no customers.
  12. I did say if everyone boycotted the products/events. Perhaps I should have added everyone concerned about justice, which lets you out.
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