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  1. It's full of young people/students. Old people will struggle to make themselves heard over the roar of souped-up, exhaustless motor bikes + no police.
  2. Most Walking Street clubs already open till this hour. Huge monthly sums are paid to police & army to ensure this.
  3. All new traffic laws are designed to help RTP part road-users from their money.
  4. You can't own your own house thanks to Thai racist and archaic laws as I have just found out to my cost. Forming a company is a gigantic scam involving lawyers; auditors; estate agents and predatory wives.
  5. And all non-Buddhist tourists may buy beer on 'holy' days. The stupid licencing laws, defended above by Nan as child protection, are just stupid. Kids, particularly those in uniform, are easily identified by 7-11 staff.
  6. Been here fifteen years and I am stopped roughly three times a week at the Ambassador ambush in Pattaya. I have never been faulted & now I have a car-cam they wave me through quickly. My recent law breaking activity was to trickle twelve inches over a faint line whilst waiting for a green light. Did the officious cop really think he was bringing down the daily road kill figures as he maliciously confiscated my licence when I ignored his offer to settle on the spot?
  7. Why not ask them to pay full price for their tickets/their families tickets/their friends' tickets? It could be retrospective over a number of years and an easy repayment plan could be drawn up in cases of hardship.
  8. Follow the money. Billions of baht leave Thailand for off-shore accounts buying dollars at knockdown prices; one reason for the baht's apparent strength.
  9. The other paper said there was GPS fitted & there had been no evidence of speeding.
  10. I suspect you are going to get some flak for your nonsensical post. Road blocks AKA 'stick-ups' is merely a moneymaking exercise by RTP; from my observations at Pattaya Cop shop at least 15K per hour is collected as ransom for your licence; these are only the ones you see; there are lots more fines going direct to the cop. The blocks merely hold up traffic, making a nation of impatient drivers more impatient. My strategy would be to put cops out on motor bikes at NIGHT & WEEKENDS. Speedsters/red light runners/helmetless bikers all know the above times when they can drive with impunity.
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