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  1. There will be no police on duty on any roads in Pattaya for the immediate future. Any complaints will result in deportation or 'difficulties' with your next visa. Only Bangkok/Pattaya hospital is open to those who can afford it. There have been none for one hundred years. These only apply to Thai citizens.
  2. A story appearing simultaneously today tells of the serious consequences of infidelity including disciplinary action for police/army officers. I know a farang someone whose wife sued him and his new girlfriend for 6.5 million.
  3. The surprising thing about this story is that a Thai cop was seen out on the streets. I have seen precisely two cops in the last TWO MONTHS and they were escorting a VIP. This child slaughter will go on ad infinitum until Thailand deems a police force would be a handy thing to have.
  4. This means 5-25 April in Pattaya leading inevitably to the beach disappearing followed by long periods of drought and double the number of Covid infections.
  5. I go four times a week to use the gym facilities. They've stopped turning the A/C on so my hour turns into a Turkish bath. Anyone recommend an alternative table tennis venue locally?
  6. Back to Normal = floods; disappearing beaches; no police; road deaths; packs of wild dogs. Really looking forward to October.
  7. He was 'invited' to attend a hearing but didn't turn up! As a member of the elite club, like the Red Bull Brat, he feels above the law.
  8. Totally agree with the last comment. The Gov make the wrong choices 100% of the time when dealing with Free Speech (and most other things) because most members do not have a brain but were appointed by Grace and Favour.
  9. And no sense of morality/ethics. They'll get to heaven by making merit like Catholics using the confessional.
  10. The whole process is a scam. I've done it and lost my home. All lawyers (when setting up your company) will tell you it's legal right up to the date of your court case. Auditors do your books annually for a fee. You sign 46 pages of Thai. For another fee (paid for by my ex-wife) you will sign a 47th page giving her 50% + 1% to an office girl. When you find out what you have done THEN your lawyers will tell you you could go to jail. (For a fee.) LOS stands for Land of Scams - this is the biggest one. It is racist, archaic, unfair and in my case, at least, expensive.
  11. Speed kills. CCTV cameras capture speedsters. If Thailand had a police force, vehicles would be confiscated for varying lengths of time. Job done. If Thailand had a police force … oh.
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