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  1. Bit slack on 'beloved tourists' too...never mind, the locals will pick up any shortfall in trade.
  2. I think DD’s forecast, although not cast in stone, is a realistic opinion on when the return of significant numbers may happen. Just dealing with the Bangla issue here, the bread & butter 2-week millionaires that fed the beast for many years will not be returning, not just because of the current mess caused by CD19, but for the many other issues already stated ad-infinitum on TV postings. Having fallen on its own sword and likely to try and resurrect itself (in part) based on the same model is a business heading for the hong nam. Furthermore, if there are no returning mugs to “invest” in the money pits, where are the investments going to come from? Best return to the farm, ladies, nothing to see here. Your comment on the ‘officials’ looking for kick-backs from other Thais would indicate that in desperate times, eventually the pack will turn on itself.
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