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  1. I would imagine that it is the Chinese efforts to roll back the agreements they made over HK and implement their National Security laws there, that have given the UK government a nice excuse to do a U-turn. If China rolls back that agreement then by association Huawei promises of non-interference by the Chinese government holds no weight at all. Either that or the UK givernment are concerned that 5G Huawei network will mean no apps from google play!!
  2. If the photo in the OP is the 'Thai Shopping Mall' experience, the I can add - never going to a shopping mall to my list of temporary behaviours. I dislike queing at the best of times, but queuing to get on an escalator - @#45!!& Nah not happening. btw - new normal, this is not normal, this is abnormal and baseless fear mongering. I do not fear being in contact with my fellow human beings, despite the range of unusual and communicable diseases we are all able to give one another.
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