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  1. Why so many people moaning about an extras days holiday! Just no pleasing some.
  2. JackThompson - I tip my hat to your ability to quote multiple posts.
  3. And it says pension money on your bank statement does it, when the money is transferred across from a foreign bank to a Thai bank? 65K income could be from numerous sources - a government pension, a private pension or other investments that could be consolidated in a foreign bank prior to transfer to Thailand.
  4. You are right - This method certainly does not keep with the spirit in which the regulations are written but its just one interpretation, and we all know immigration offices interpretation of their own rules vary quite widely as well. The qualifying conditions make no mention of the uses the income must be used for once in Thailand. Is the monthly income to be spent in its entirety within the borders of Thailand? Is that the meaning? Or is the meaning to ensure the person obtaining the visa has enough funds so as to not be a burden on the state? Can the 65k partially or wholly be reinvested once it is brought into the country? Once in the country the money can never leave is that the meaning? If it gets to the point where immigration officials are checking incomes and documented outgoings so none of the money brought in to Thailand as part of a qualifying condition for a visa, is actually leaving Thailand the entire process becomes virtually unworkable and so time consuming that it would take weeks to get an extension if checked properly. I often send a couple of hundred thousand baht back to the UK when i return for spending money - should that disqualify my 65k income? If he has found a loophole - good luck to him.
  5. Err - no income! And most pension income comes from private sources that people have paid into - not governmental so that income is a result of investments.
  6. I think you are fine - as far as I know immigration does not make any mention of how the money coming into Thailand is to be spent. If you choose to spend it outside of Thailand that is your prerogative. I would imagine a cash withdrawal of 20'000 and then sent back in a different account would leave a paper trail but that would require so much effort immigration would not find it worth their while.
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