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  1. I am relaxed at the prospect of no rises for me in relation to the State pension. Why? If I were to reside in the UK then my presence and my spending would increase the UK GDP. Also I would be paying consumer taxes i.e. Vat and fuel tax. The UK loses out because I decided to live in Thailand In relation to the NHS.The rules are simple. You only need to reside in the UK to qualify to use the service. I do not reside in the UK-simple.
  2. A nice Walled estate exists between Pattaya and Jomtiem. The area is known as Cosy Beach. It is called the Majestic. However there is a snag. In normal times the owners of the houses rent them out to short term tourists. So every night is party night, Very noisy So if you require a quiet and peaceful life-keeping away from the obvious tourists hot spots will be a good idea. I believe that there are properties near to Siam Country Club.However not cheap.
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