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  1. Suggest that you obtain your pension before moving to Thailand The most important number is your National Insurance number. From that they know all about you The address that they refer to will be your current UK address When I applied I did not send my Birth Certificate-maybe they did not ask Note If you move to Thailand on a permanaent basis you have to declare this You will be classed as non resident UK This means that your state pension will never increase. If you use the NHS you have to pay. You will no longer receive the heating allowance If you chose not to decare this then all correspondence will go to your UK address. I am paid direcly into my UK bank I think even now I can ask them to pay into my Thai bank Obviously if they pay into your Thai bank -they know that you are a UK non-resident. As a non resident you cannot open new UK bank accounts . Declaring yourself a UK non resident is easy. Reversing your status at some later point in the future -is not.
  2. What happens if a foreigner fails to comply with the 800K retirement visa system i.e. the 400K threshold is breached. Is he denied his visa next time? Is he denied forever? If denied a future visa retirement extension –can he still qualify for a marriage visa?
  3. Condo Building has a foreign quota for this unit so can in theory be transferred to Foreigner title. How do you know?
  4. Just to clarify the income method -65K and 40K per month respectively Can I assume that they are only looking at deposits from overseas –i.e income – and not looking at expenditure. So with the case of retirement extension –an applicant having proven that a total of 800K was brought into Thailand over the prior 12 months can show a bank balance close to zero at the time of the application –simply because the money’ in ‘was matched by money ‘out’.
  5. Did you perhaps ask a Q pertaining to my 'Too much Money' post i.e wishing to move from an immigration extension to a marriage extension when my bank balance may show 2 Million Baht ?
  6. Thanks to all who contributed I have decided to stay with ‘retirement’ method in 2019 I will apply for ‘extension of stay to support a Thai spouse' (official definition ) in 2020 My ‘too much money’ problem will be resolved due to a combination of the following factors A - Regular month to month spending B- Moving funds to a soon to be acquired bank account with another bank At the time of my 2020 application the letter from my primary bank will detail funds –much less then 800K Baht
  7. I hope you are correct. My showing a neat and tidy 500 K deposit -say 3 months before applications -with no withdrawals -may raise eyebrows. I assume that the letter from the bank will show the deposit date and the current balance. Both values being the same. 'How do I live ' they may ask That said it's worth a try.
  8. When persuation becomes coercion -that's when the problems begin. If I open a bank account in a different bank and deposit say 500K -could that work -or will they smell a rat
  9. The 'never touch it' bit disapoints me
  10. I have extended via the ‘retirement ‘ option since 2005 This year I will use the ‘supporting the Thai spouse ‘ option My funds in Thailand are closer to 2 million Baht-obviously more than the minimum 400,000 K requirement. Is it possible that immigration (Chonburi) could deny me my choice due to this high bank balance?
  11. His original Q should have been addressed to the Thai Language forum. Having received my translation then his follow up should probably have gone to a General forum. For certain his 2nd Q was related to general law and not to real estate.
  12. Today I visited Pattaya Immigration . They gave me a document detailing the conditions which have to be satisfied in order to qualify for a ‘Extension of stay to support Thai spouse’ Section 5 under the heading –Criteria for consideration- reads: Applicant must earn an average annual income of no less than THB 40,000 per month or have funds for annual expense of no less than THB 400,000 deposited with a bank(s) in Thailand for the previous 3 months. Section 5.2 under the heading -Supporting Document- Reads: If having funds deposited with a banks(s) in Thailand (saving /fixed account) Must have balance of no less than THB 400,000 remaining in the bank account for the past two months from the date of submission. Letter from the bank in Thailand attesting that the current balance is no less than THB 400,000 Baht My query is the wording under 5.2 ‘past two months’ Should it read ‘following two months’? I attach the entire document provided by Pattaya immigration MARRIAGE VISA INFO -ENGLISH_07022019.pdf
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