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  1. Further thoughts on this issue: I suspect that who ever /whatever is named on the actual bill -has to pay. The options being: A The male foreigner B The female Thai C Both D Company name So -OP -can you specify the name on the bill?
  2. Most foreigners -who purchase property do not work in Thailand. Therefore obtaining a mortgage is not possible. Those who do work in Thailand -can probably obtain a mortgage-maybe. The banks generally have a bad time taking back the property when it is obvious that property owner has no intention of paying any more money.
  3. The fact of the divorce is irrelevant in this circumstance. The simple fact is the fees have not been 100% paid and the Thai lady is making up her own rules. With respect to inheritance -if -in more normal circumstances-one of the parties were to die -then then remaining party will own 100% of the apartment. This I read. This outcome will probably explain why the JPM insists that the Thai lady is responsible for 100% of the fees. She or she /he have to pay 100%. The whole situation relating to joint ownership of an apartment in a condo is
  4. When you say 'transfer to foreign' I assume that you mean transfer to yourself. The cost of transfer is as I indicated before. Reference ease of sale. Most foreigners will prefer to buy an apartment in an existing company as distinct from Thai owned. No new company to set up.No transfer fees. Easy and cheap. If an apartment has been in a company for years and all the audits are up to date-then to my mind it is very stable . If around 49% of the apartments are in foreign name -then I would leave it in a company. If -however -over the years- the condo has become
  5. Assuming that this process was successful-then there will be 2 areas of cost. 1) Transfer from the company to a Thai citizen(i.e. your son) Transfer charges will apply. Probably about 6% of the appraised value of the apartment.Maybe a bit less than 6% . The appraised value appears on the paper associated with the Condominium Title Deed. Chanotes only apply to land. 2) Closing down the company. This part can be expensive. I hear costs of 100K Baht. Others can probably provide more up todate info. Then ,at the end of the day ,the condo ends up in a Thai name.
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