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  1. Why limit it to condos. Ban smoking in condos and houses. Seems only fair to me.
  2. What a confusing blog!!! The only thing certain that I can understand is that you are aged 41 -therefore retirement does not apply. You could have a visa based on marriage -you have not stated this. You also mention having a work permit.If so this has nothing to do with your marriage status. Do you have a visa based on marriage ?
  3. Thanks However can you answer my Q . What does the word SMART signify in this context.
  4. I use Transferwise. UK to Bangkok Bank My online pc statements say:- Interbank Transfer by SMART. Doe anybody know what SMART refers to- and will it satisfy immigration?
  5. Today I visited Jomtien for 90 day 'Bank Checking'. No need to queue for a ticket at the reception . Reception will not give you one. Go straight to desk 8. Look for the sign 'Bank Checking'. Do not sit down -physically get into the queue -if there is one. Present just 5 papers. 1) The paper that was issued to you by immigration when you successful obtained your extension (90 days before) 2) Main page of relevant bankbook 3) Page showing bank balance . This page must detail the balance on this 'Bank Checking ' day. 4 ) Main page passport 5) Pa
  6. The new Thai Condominium Act 2008 states in relation to co-owners who had not paid for a period in excess of 6 month"'the common services or right to use common properties may be ceased"" Does this mean that water and electricity can be cut-off? Also if they pay for their utilities but do not pay the General service charge can utilities still be ceased?
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