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  1. Thanks for the timely reply Ubon, Think we will use it as a backstop because discussions with the tour operator have confirmed airport screening checks and the hotels awareness of the issues. Personal hygiene is the most important issue, and we are more or less in control of that, so just keeping a level head should limit the risk significantly.
  2. An unforeseen event. Re - the preceding triumphal conclusions... My final 30 days staying in Thailand this year were due to be covered by a short trip to Vietnam (Ba Na Hills) and a visa exemption on arrival back at Swampy. With the trip paid for, half of the accompanying Thai family has cancelled and due to the Covid virus scare. My wife is aware and uncomfortable about the risk. I Sympathise. We could cancel too, but I am only 48 hours away from needing another stamp in the passport to allow me to stay until the flight back to UK. Recap - I had a 3 month (non imm O) visa followed by a 2 month follow on. Immigration said I had to leave the country by air to return and collect a visa exemption on arrival. The question is... could I achieve the same 30 days by doing my normal rapid turnaround at the Kanchanaburi border crossing. 2x 30 days are allowed per year, but are these adversely influenced by my previous recent entries into Thailand?? Again, the lack of trust in what the immigration personnel say is evident here. Any info would be gratefully received.
  3. Hi fellow seekers. I have previously settled on using a 1 year, multi entry, Non 'O' (marriage) visa to stay 179/180 days (+) in Thailand as the simplest way to cover all my bases for on my annual visit. 40 years married, 15 years on 6 month stopovers in Thailand with wife. I won't rant (too much) about how the new 'system' has thrown our lives into chaos - though i really, really want to. This year, I fortunately found out in time that major changes were afoot and called the Thai Embassy (London) whose traditionally (allegedly) rude and irritable staff recommended a 90 day Non O visa which could be extended in Thailand - they did not say for how long. ... Cut to 5 hour Chaeng Watthana ordeal without description of procedure to amass all documents ... They would only give me a 60 day extension (leaving me 30 days short) and recommended doing a border run via an airport to get a 30 day visa on arrival upon my return. Another money pit. Gnashing of teeth. The questions arising ... 1. Am I likely to have difficulties requesting a 30 day stamp/visa on arrival (at Swampy international) if I do as the Immigration officer suggests (after 90 day visa + 60 day extension) ? - Any experience/es anyone? 2. Would a land border run (at say , Kanchanaburi) be less likely to be successful? 3. Assuming I do not want to be involved with bank deposits and health insurances in the future, am I stuck with this regime or perhaps going abroad after 90 days to get another 90 day Non 'O' (or other) visa at a thai embassy? 4. The Multiple entry option was not available when I applied online - despite the button showing on the screen - is this likely to be a permanent feature of non 'O' visas? I might be flying to Vietnam or Penang at the end of February so I'll report back. Would appreciate some feedback in advance tho'.
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