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  1. From the horse's mouth: "Thank you for interesting in Shell products, According to your question, We are writing to let you know about shell v power information as follow : Shell V power Diesel – is shell's new oil formula. Contains components of Diesel Fuel 93% and Biodiesel(B100) 7% which can help to clean the ID valve and Oil nozzle which is the key components in the fuel supply system. Shell V power Diesel is the fuel that delivers the best performance from Shell , with dynaflex technology, restoring your vehicle's engine to its full estimation." So V-Power Diesel is a B7 + additives as was suspected. I used to put V-Power on alternate fill ups but not too long ago they canceled the normal B7 and they're consistently more expensive on the premium. I switched to Esso premium and Bangchak B7. The latter is surprisingly good in terms of mileage.
  2. Does Shell not use any % of biodiesel in their VPower? I don't see any information about this on their website, so it's impossible to know if they're using B7 + additives and call it VPower Diesel as far as I can see.
  3. That's very high. It's 6,xxx at BMW dealer for F10 525D N57 (6.5l of oil).
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